Alerion Home Care and Wellness Solutions

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Alerion Home Care and Wellness Solutions

Alerion Home Care and Wellness Solutions

Alerion is a corporation that provides home care and wellness services to seniors in order to promote their health and well being. The programs include nutrition, fitness, and fun activities designed to provide an all-around program that will keep seniors feeling healthy and fit and prevent a disease that may have an impact on their quality of life.

Alerion has been working to help seniors, and people with disabilities and illness have access to the highest level of quality home care solutions. For 20 years they have refined their programs to the quality services they have now.

Home Care

The primary service offered by Alerion is home care for seniors. One of the advantages of this option is that it is much more cost effective for seniors looking for a more affordable alternative than moving to a residential home.

The type of home care service that a senior needs is dependent on their current situation. It is ideal for elders requiring mainly non-medical assistance. This includes performing tasks such as cleaning, washing, getting dressed, doing laundry, etc. These services can be paid for on an hourly basis. If a senior requires medical care, Alerion can organize a home care service that is overseen by a registered nurse.

This type of home care is becoming more popular as seniors are increasingly looking for a service that can provide them with the dignity they feel they can’t get in a nursing home. It also ensures that they are in a familiar environment surrounded by friends and family.

Wellness and Tranquility

Besides their home care services which are meant to make life easier for seniors and their loved ones. Alerion has a number of wellness programs designed to improve the quality of life of seniors. Promoting mental and physical health is part of Alerion mission to help elders live a more fulfilling life. Some of the wellness programs include:

Dietary Programs: Elders need the right dietary plan in order to enhance their brain function and increase their energy levels so that they can live a more independent and fulfilling life for longer. Alerion has professionals who can tailor their nutritional plans based on the senior’s individual needs.

Fitness Programs: According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, seniors need to incorporate fitness and make it part of their routine. Elders over the age of 65 need to include flexibility, endurance, and even strength training as part of their regular fitness workout.  Alerion provides fitness plans to seniors according to their physical capabilities.

Alternative Programs: Through Alerion seniors can get other forms of alternative therapies such as massage and pain therapy at a reasonable cost. Pain management is particularly useful for seniors who have conditions characterized by chronic pain. Elders will also get to enjoy tailored retreats from time to time as part of the service.

Programs can be tailored to fit a senior’s specific needs. The pricing is based on the services provided and seniors and their family can work with Alerion on how they can organize the payment.


For more information on the Alerion service model, visit the Alerion homepage:

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