Armor Shield Roofing Touted as Best Roofing Company By Customers

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Armor Shield Roofing Touted as Best Roofing Company By Customers

Have you heard a drip, drip, drip in the attic? Perhaps you’ve noticed damaged gutters or siding? Did a musty aroma prick your nostrils recently? All of these can be signs of potential roofing damage and need attention quickly. Armor Shield, a Connecticut-based roofing franchise that’s been around since 2001, can help prevent these types of problems and fix the issues that may have caused them in the first place. The roof is one of any structure’s front-line defenders when it comes to protection from critters or the elements. Finding a trustworthy roofer who will complete a job based on integrity and quality is essential. Armor Shield is it.

Anything quality begins with a solid foundation; Armor Shield is based on the foundational wisdom of industry expert and founder Scott Tearman. Mr. Tearman’s work in the roofing industry first began 20 years ago. He is trained and certified in many areas of home improvement, including building design, roof inspection, and insurance claims. Scott is also a licensed insurance producer in Connecticut. By leveraging the field experience of Mr. Tearman, years of proven systems, and a trusted brand name, Armor Shield has quickly risen to be a top player in the roofing industry.

As any customer who has interacted with the Armor Shield team knows, the company has struck the perfect balance of great customer service with quality workmanship and punctuality. Across the board, Armor Shield is given the thumbs up by satisfied customers. Moreover, Mr. Tearman’s experience in the insurance field gives the company a head start in the insurance claims process. The team is well-versed when it comes to repair and replacement after an unexpected incident, eliminating the headaches within an already stressful situation. Customer service never waivers and every client can expect a trustworthy interaction from beginning to end.

Communities also benefit from the presence of an Armor Shield. Not only are locally-owned and operated franchises a vital piece of a healthy local economy, but the B2B interactions act as a synergic cycle that benefits others business owners as well. Armor Shield is proud to support the local community in any way possible. In the past, they have provided sponsorship for animal rescues, golf tournaments, and local baseball, including Little League and Babe Ruth. Clients who work with Armor Shield can feel great in knowing that they are working with a company that is directly invested in these types of organizations.

Working with a roofing professional who understands the process in and out is important. — Armor Shield has it all! Boasting positive customer outpourings and consistent referrals attests to the fact that Armor Shield can be trusted as your go-to roofer. Are you interested in becoming a part of this amazing roofing franchise? Visit to learn more about their affordable franchise opportunity, support model, and more.

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