This site is designed to provide feedback, input and experience’s of consumers and individuals who have purchased from brands, companies and businesses. This is an open site and open forum, we welcome input and direction from anyone related to any business or brand. We do screen the site for genuine input and feedback, but welcome anyone to contact us for more information or to add to the site.

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Business Reviews for You is an open forum site designed to allow for people’s open, honest and straight forward feedback when it comes to anything as a consumer.  If you bought a product and aren’t happy, express your discontent here.  If you hired someone to do something for you and ARE happy, tell others about your positive experience here.  The site is designed to provide this information to readers who would like to know about others experiences in purchasing products and services to know who to go to for their next buying decision or who to avoid.

Business Reviews for You accepts all suggestions, comments and ideas, so if you would like to vent, comment or just make a statement about a purchasing experience you have had, please fill out our contact form and submit your story.  We will not publish anything that is pornographic or that uses explicit language, but outside of this, your story will be published and shared with others.

Our site is not “bought” by anyone, is not controlled by corporate interests and is meant to be a sounding board for anyone who needs a voice.  Use it!