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Champion Fencing Products and Services


Champion Fencing Products and Services

Champion Fencing is a fencing service founded by Joseph Toppi and Kelly Goebel. The business is known for its high degree of excellence in providing top quality products and services to clients across Western Canada. Throughout its 15 years in existence, Champion Fencing has continued to thrive by continuously improving customer service and refining logistics and operations. Here are some of the products and services from Champion Fencing.

Vinyl Fencing Products

Vinyl Fencing: Champion Fencing can provide materials and assist with installation whether you are looking for picket, Semi-private, or full privacy vinyl fences. Each fence comes with extras such as garbage recesses.

Vinyl Decks: These decks are produced from 100% virgin vinyl. They perform better than most alternative materials used for decks such as composite decks, pressure treated wood. Decks made from 100% virgin vinyl are versatile, easy to install, durable, and require little maintenance.

PVC Vinyl Fence Features

Protection from UV: Due to their versatility and durability, PVC Vinyl fences are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a garden hose and still maintain their quality and stability. These fences will not lose their visual appeal when exposed to the elements. However, not all vinyl fences are created equal. Poor quality materials may cause premature warping and instability. Champion Fencing products are made of quality UV inhibitorsparticularly titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is known for its superior refractive ability which will prevent undue damage from the sun.

Galvanized Steel Post: Comes with heavy duty 2 3/8 galvanized steel posts. This is part of the structure set up that provides ease of installation and also increases the durability of your vinyl fence.

Aluminum Railing inserts: Provide high-level support and durability and are designed to withstand harsh elements of the weather. 

Vinyl Fence Installation

Champion fencing is not only focused on providing quality products in the market, but also on what the company considers to be the most critical part of fencing – installation. High-qualityinstalls are achieved through:

Top Rail Tie System: With this setup, you can install your vinyl fence around your property without the risk of causing undue stress on the structure by securing the top rail on the PVC fence post. The installation process used by Champion Fencing allows the stress from the top rail to be evenly distributed across the strongest part of the posts. Stressing is minimized and this eliminates cracks and other faults caused by poor top rail design. 

Customer Service: If the installation of the fence is the most critical part of the process, customer service is what ensures that the process is executed to the desired level of customer satisfaction and in the end that the client is happy with their fencing solution. The company has more than a decade of experience and they only handpick professionals who can guarantee exceptional workmanship throughout the project. Professionals from the company are trained to clear up the mess after their work is done. You can rest assured your lawn and landscape will not be interfered with. Qualified, insured professionals from Champion Fencing often finish their task for regular residential jobs in less than 24 hours.

Champion has recently launched a franchise marketing system throughout Canada and the U.S. to bring more high quality fencing solutions to residential and commercial clients.  

For more information on the champion fence service offerings, visit the corporate site;

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