Drexler Ceramic – Value of the Service and the Value of a professional Ceramic Coating

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Drexler Ceramic – Value of the Service and the Value of a professional Ceramic Coating

When you shell out money to apply the best coating on the market, Drexler Ceramic is the go-to service provider for exceptional results. The last thing you want is an inexperienced technician applying your ceramic coating, resulting in swirls, high spots, ad scratches under the coating.  Drexler combines the highest quality, custom ceramic product available in conjunction with premium quality application services.

We leverage our extensive industry experience and expertise, guaranteeing satisfactory results that exceed waxing or applying a sealant. Our expert team ensures the coating is applied correctly to perform and look as expected. When it comes to coating, our paint correction experts leverage cutting-edge equipment and expertise, providing top-notch services and ensuring you are comfortable throughout the process. Here are why you should choose Drexler Ceramic as your coating service provider.

Coating Reputation

Ceramic coating is the latest trend in car protection and aesthetics, leading to numerous coating service providers. This makes it challenging to find a company you can trust, hence the need to conduct research before hiring someone to apply a coating to your car. Drexler Ceramic has created a stellar track record of exceptional coating services, making us a nationally-recognized brand and a company you can trust to protect your investment. Numbers don’t lie, and our long clientele list and positive reviews are a testament to our service quality. Our reputation speaks for itself, having applied ceramic coating to many luxury cars over the years.

Coating Appearance

Ceramic coatings have undergone significant change in the last decade in terms of appearance. Suppose you are considering hiring a coating company to enhance the appeal and durability of your car. In that case, ensuring they are informed of industry trends and conduct ongoing research is vital. While most ceramic coatings had a synthetic look which gave it a muted appearance, we have improved on this by providing a ceramic coating that gives your car a unique style. Quality is everything when choosing a ceramic coating company, and Drexler Ceramic guarantees an eye-catching and durable appearance.

Sheeting vs. Beading

Ceramic coatings have a history of being extremely hydrophobic. A popular design applies tight, fancy water beads to protect your paint. However, these technique results in water spots that compromise the entire appeal of your car. When we apply a ceramic coating on your most valued investment, you never have to worry about such issues.

While water may still form into beads, it remains on the surface and magnifies the sun’s rays to eliminate mineral deposits on your paint. Beading is the cause of water spots on your paint, but sheeting allows water to evacuate quicker than forming beads. If you usually park near sprinklers or live in an area with a lot of rainfall, we recommend water sheeting to enhance the durability and quality of your paint.

Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car?

Ceramic coatings are considered the next generation of paint protection in car care. The technique entails applying a liquid polymer, creating a semi-permanent bond with your car’s paint. This makes it easy to protect from contaminants. If you are used to your current paint job, you may wonder if the ceramic coating is worth it. Drexler Ceramic offers comprehensive ceramic coating services, restoring your vehicle’s gloss and giving it a fresh look out of the showroom. Let’s look at some of the reasons why ceramic coating is worth the investment.

Incredibly Resistant

The high-quality ceramic coating forms sturdy chemical bonds on the car’s surface after it hardens, making it resistant to pressure washers and paint cleaners. Even if your vehicle faces extreme weather conditions, you don’t have to worry about damage to your paint. We deal with high-quality products that are four times more resistant than other ceramic coatings on the market.

Protection Against Pollutants

One of the biggest problems our society is facing is pollution. While pollutants are hazardous to your general well-being, they also harm your car. The quality ceramic coating protects your vehicle from pollutants and chemicals produced by brake fluid, gasoline, generic cleaners, and many others. The suitable coating keeps your car in optimal condition and appearance for a long, alleviating the costs of frequently waxing or repainting.

Lustrous and Unique Look

There’s nothing more frustrating than cleaning your car and not getting the desired lustrous shine. If you are a car enthusiast, you know the importance of maintaining a shiny look. Ceramic coating restores your vehicle’s gleam as you cruise down the street on a sunny day, resembling the first time you bought it from the auto shop. It also keeps the coat cleaner for longer, easing the clean-up process, which is usually rigorous.

Ceramic coatings are durable, innovative, easier to clean, cost-efficient, and don’t require additional products. Drexler Ceramic can help you protect your investment through top-notch car care services. 

For more information on Drexler Ceramic, visit the corporate site; https://drexlerceramic.com/

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