Dynamic Dental Corporation: Fast, Reliable and Convenient On-Site Dental Hand Piece Repair

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Dynamic Dental Corporation: Fast, Reliable and Convenient On-Site Dental Hand Piece Repair

Dynamic Dental Corporation: Fast, Reliable and Convenient On-Site Dental Hand Piece Repair

Dynamic Dental Corporation is an on-site hand-piece repair service that has been in operation for 24 years. When it was founded more than two decades ago, the company provided mail dental drill repair services for dentists and professionals in the dentistry practice.

Having worked with dentists and dental professionals for more than 20 years, the company saw the value that an efficient and effective dental repair service can do for dental professionals. Dynamic Dental continued to provide all types of dental handpiece repair services.

Quick Turnaround Time

It is important for dentists and professionals in the practice to ensure that their equipment is working at all times. The equipment needs to be maintained and repaired quickly. The speed of this service can affect the practice of dental professionals. If repairs and maintenance take too long, it could translate to a significant downtime and loss of clients.

Dynamic Dental Corporation saw an opportunity to provide a convenient and cost-effective service for these professionals. The company started providing onsite services for its clients. Dentists who had a compressor or drill which had malfunctioned, could call in the technicians and have it repaired in their offices while they waited.

Cost Effective and Timely

One problem with mail-in repair services is that the equipment has to be shipped back and forth. This can increase the expenses of doing business for the technicians which are often passed down to the client. Additionally, having to ship the equipment back and forth from their offices increases the time taken to have the repairs done.

You can call Dynamic Dental any time you need your dental drill or any dental equipment repaired. The technicians from dynamic dental will visit your offices and repair the equipment before they leave.  The client gets a timely and convenient service which allows his business to proceed smoothly.

Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance of equipment is also critical in ensuring that equipment malfunction does not cause downtime in the future. It can be challenging to fit regular maintenance work into a dentist’s schedule if the technicians cannot check or fix the equipment within a reasonable period of time. The fast repair option provided by Dynamic Dental allows professionals to schedule regular maintenance of equipment. This increases the longevity of the equipment and improves the bottom-line for the professional running the practice.

Wide Range of Equipment

Dental Dynamic provides a full range of dental hand-piece repair services. They’ll visit your location and evaluate the equipment and provide possible solutions. They can analyze and fix a wide range of problems be it issues with the air compressors, piezo implant systems, ultrasonic cleaners etc. Dynamic Dental also supplies equipment such as Point of Sale systems for Dentists, products for cosmetic dentistry, as well as office and laboratory supplies, amongst other equipment.

Throughout its 24 years of existence, Dynamic Dental has been at the forefront of innovation providing the best service to dentists to support their practice. Dynamic Dental is a convenient, fast and effective service that continues to provide great service to dentists.


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