FireMaster – Great Service Offerings at a Great Value

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FireMaster – Great Service Offerings at a Great Value

FireMaster – Great Service Offerings at a Great Value

Fire protection and safety are nothing to procrastinate on or be non-committal about keeping up to date and current. FireMaster knows the importance of fire safety and providing their customers the services they need to make sure their buildings and spaces are protected in the unfortunate case of a fire. FireMaster services fire protection equipment for businesses, restaurants, retail and office spaces, as well as checks fire extinguishers and kitchen exhaust, and other services of that nature.  


Fire Suppression Systems

A fire suppression system is used to extinguish fires inside buildings. It also helps to control the fire if one was to ever break out. Fire suppressions systems could include gaseous fire suppression, fire sprinkler system, or condensed aerosol fire suppression. If you have one manual fire extinguisher, or multiple in some instances, that malfunction in an attempt to use, the fire suppression system will help to prevent excess damage and harm to those who may be in the building.


Fire Safety Equipment Installation and Maintenance

FireMaster only employs the most well-trained technicians to install the various systems and equipment their customers need. When it comes to installing your equipment, you are confident that they have been well trained, and know the best way to keep your building safe in the case of a fire. They do a great job for customers, and the customer can be confident in their system. Since they are Franchise Owners, they are always looking to grow their business and clientele in their territory.


There is a wide range of services that FireMaster provides. Below are many of the services the technicians can install, replace, or repair for your fire safety.


  • Portable extinguishers – A portable fire extinguisher is a fire protection device that used to put out or control small to medium fires. It is typically used in emergency situations.


  •  Kitchen system service – To help detect and extinguish small to large fires that may happen in the plenum, the ducts, or small appliances that are found under the kitchen hood, kitchen suppression systems were designed.  FireMaster provides installation and repair services to each part of the system.


  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning – The exhaust is the part over the range or cooktop that houses a large mechanical fan which removes fumes, airborne grease, heat, smoke, and steam while cooking. This device will need to be cleaned from time to time, otherwise the risk of fires increases.


  • Exit and emergency lights service – In restaurants, commercial building, office spaces and other locations, exit lighting is mandatory and emergency light is recommended. A FireMaster technician is trained to install these types of lighting services.


  • Extinguisher training – Like a firearm, many people think they know how to use a fire extinguisher, but have never used one. There is training available for people who want to know how to use a fire extinguisher properly.


No matter what business you are in, if your business is located in any type of building, you need fire protection. Do not wait for a fire to happen. Protect your business, and make sure you are prepared in case of a fire.  


What’s great about the FireMaster system is that opportunities for ownership are open to just about anyone.  If you would like to open your own business and see the opportunity with FireMaster, visit the franchise page for more information:

fire franchise


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  • September 22, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    FireMaster is an excellent brand, one of those concepts that really doesn’t have any downside to the franchisee. Incredible unit volumes, consistent, repeatable income streams and an investment that is so low it’s hard to calculate the ROI. The brand has just gone through a re-working and is pushing again to grow and expand into some new markets. Great concept and great opportunity for any potential franchise investors who see the FireMaster brand as a fit.

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