Hoop to Hoop: Mobile Basketball Program

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Hoop to Hoop: Mobile Basketball Program

Hoop to Hoop: Mobile Basketball Program

Hoop to Hoop is a skilled based mobile basketball program that offers professional training to all children from age four and above. The program offers clinics, after-school programs, leagues, camps, and tournaments. The system is based on cutting-edge techniques that improve skills and boosts the student’s self-esteem.

The program is the brainchild of Pete Cohen. He played basketball in high school and college where he was named MVP in his senior year. While in college he got the chance to tour Europe and play against some top division teams. Over the years he developed his own winning techniques.

Coach Pete started training kids more than 15 years ago. His experience working with children of different ages and having played pro basketball from high school himself, gave him the know-how to start Hoop to Hoop. Over the years Coach Pete has worked to fine tune the program and Hoop to Hoop is now a franchise that will be available to children across the country.

Basketball Camps that Produce Results.

Hoop to Hoop organizes camps to help children become better players. The system works on training students to learn the fundamentals. The fundamentals are taught based on the player’s skill level, and progressively intensifies the training to bring out future pro basketball players.

The basketball drills are important in teaching the fundamentals of the game to children. The drills are carried out by professional trainers. Hoop to Hoop ensures that all coaches have experience working with NCAA division 1, high school and all other levels of training. The Hoop to Hoop summer program teaches your child the basics of the game in a fun and relatable way. The training sessions are designed to match different age groups and proficiency levels.

Basketball and Children’s Sports Clinics designed for Today’s Market.  

Hoop to Hoop program also includes clinics. Clinics are training sessions done on an ongoing basis at specified locations usually on weekends. Trainees can enroll for single sessions, four to nine sessions, or a complete program of nine weeks. Coach Pete and his highly trained staff are responsible for coaching the trainees during these sessions.

Each session is done in a fun atmosphere to authentically bring out the player’s skill and boost his self-esteem and confidence. The clinic accepts children as young as four. They encourage parents to let their kids build skills early for physical and psychological benefits that could be useful in other endeavors in the future.

Basketball Tournaments for Kids with an Incredible System in Place.

Hoop to Hoop organizes tournaments for players of all ages.  The program lets children enroll individually for team play. This allows the trainee to develop his skills at his own pace and still get the opportunity to play in a team. The tournaments are organized and run by Hoop to Hoop to expose trainees to competitive basketball, as well as give players the sense of achievement that comes with playing in a tournament. The trainees are prepared for the event by highly skilled staff. Players get to play against the best teams to test their skills. The program is perfect for children from 4 to 17 years with an interest in playing pro basketball in the future.


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