I hate Verizon

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I hate Verizon

I don’t think that anyone really likes their cell phone plan, but I truly despise mine.  Verizon touts themselves as being the premium provider and on literally every advertisement they show a map with lots of colors and indications that they cover every square inch of the United States.  Based on what Verizon has told me in their ads I should be able to make a call from the padded room in the insane asylum without an interruption of service.  Well, I just haven’t found that to be the case.  Also, every Verizon commercial seems so friendly and that they are almost like family in working with me to make sure that I have a great experience with them each and every time.  I personally blame Verizon for increasing my blood pressure several points on a weekly basis, if I die early I would like to make sure that my surviving friends and relatives check out my latest phone bill to see if Verizon was at fault in any way.

I currently live in a pretty typical suburb.  Not a corn field, or the side of a mountain or somewhere in Afghanistan.  People drive cars, kids ride bikes and people generally are pretty normal in my area.  Yet, not a day goes by where I don’t drop multiple phone calls or someone on the other line comes through sounding like the Alien when they take his mask off in Independence Day.  Lots of gurgling, shrieking and high pitched whines followed by silence.  I get it, the cell phone market has gotten competitive and companies have a tougher time keeping customers and maintaining margins.  Technology is changing and it’s a hard business to make a living at.

With that said, why do I have to call to hear 25 different phone packages that have 200 different variations to the plan.  I just found out that I had been paying almost $250 per month more than what I needed because I sent a text back to a message asking if I wanted to increase my data plan for the month.  Nothing about whether the increase was just for that month because they were being nice to me and looking out for my best interests….or confirmation that the plan had increased or anything else related to the increased expenses associated with the plan.  I wish it were that easy for me to get customers to spend more….send non-descript text messages and if they write yes, just continue to bill more.  Even more, I love that everything is directed back to the online login where you have to make all changes and get all information on your account.  (Again, I get it, tough business, fire all people and move to a technology platform where the costs are minimal.).  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to make your awesome system work Verizon and for some reason your system won’t give me a new password when I ask for a new one.  When I finally do get through your automated messages after 43 minutes of hitting “1” or “3” and ending up with a friendly person who can help me reset my password, I forget the code and then can’t get back into the system.

I feel much better, now I need to express some frustration with Comcast.  😉

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