Innovative Sport Surfacing – Happy Customer Review

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Innovative Sport Surfacing – Happy Customer Review

Artificial turf is the latest trend in sports, guaranteeing the safety of all players regardless of age. While the conventional playground is usually covered in natural grass, recent environmental and financial factors have shifted the focus to eco-friendlier solutions. Whether you live in an area where drought or wet conditions are normal, Innovative Sport Finishing provides a solution that maintains curb appeal without violating landscaping guidelines or water restrictions.

If you are looking for a safe surface for a children’s playground, they have every option available to meet your specific needs. Innovative Sport Finishing leverages imaginative playground equipment, guaranteeing age-appropriate and inclusive equipment to promote child development and fun. Here are reasons to consider artificial turfs for the playground.

No Maintenance

One of the main and most overstated reasons to consider the vast range of innovative sports finishing options is that no maintenance is needed. This may seem like a marketing strategy at first, but the results are undeniable once you try the product. Once the professional contractors at Innovative Sport Finishing install your new artificial turf, you only need minimal maintenance.

Lawn care is one of the most time-consuming maintenance activities around your home. However, that time can be spent with family and friends by installing a surface that can handle basketball, tennis, football, and more. You don’t have to worry about regular mowing or irrigation, saving thousands of dollars annually.

Eliminate Puddling

Natural ground is usually suitable for relaxation, sports, and many other activities. However, you often have to deal with uneven terrain, which creates puddles when it rains or during irrigation. Such inconveniences are not an issue with artificial turf, as the ground is rolled and smoothed to eliminate valleys and grooves. If there are low areas in the installation site, the contractors add small irrigation channels to drain excess water and prevent stagnation. Innovative Sport Finishing uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the playing field benefits the players and spectators alike.

No Grass Stains

No grass, no stains. Parents always complain when their children play hard in the playground, getting mud or grass stains on their clothes and shoes. Artificial turf alleviates such concerns, even if children slide across the surface. Natural grass may be part of the property’s appeal, but artificial turf is a better option when you consider the long brown or green streaks that hardly get out. Innovative Sport Finishing offers customizable solutions that meet all your needs without compromising aesthetics.

No Bare Spots or Ruts

A common downside of natural turf is the impact of high foot traffic, resulting in ruts, pathways, or bare spots in gardens and lawns. If the surface is meant for sports activities, the damage can risk injuries to the players, not to mention affect the overall beauty of the field. Artificial turf is highly resilient and resists damage from foot traffic. The blades on your new surface remain upright and in tiptop condition as long as the filler is in place. The last thing you want is to constantly conduct maintenance because of people walking on your lawn or garden.

Shade Isn’t an Issue

Natural grass is alive and can die if exposed to extreme conditions like direct sunlight. Property owners spend a fortune on irrigation and other yard additions to ensure the lawn is lush all year long in many areas where the conditions could be more favorable to grow grass. Synthetic turf maintains its size and color without water or sunlight. The material used to design the artificial surface can withstand nearly any environmental conditions without incurring damage. If your water bill is through the roof, or there’s a patch that keeps dying, you may consider Innovative Sport Finishing for lasting turf solutions.

Safe for Children and Pets

One of the key benefits of synthetic turf is that Innovative Sport Finishing use products that contain an anti-bacterial that prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. Children and pets usually pick and eat things on the playground, increasing the risk of illnesses. Some harmful substances found on natural turf include fertilizers, pesticides, or other toxic chemicals used in lawn maintenance. Artificial turf eliminates such risks and guarantees the safety of your loved ones.

No Need for Harsh Fertilizers

As mentioned, there’s no need for irrigation, fertilizers, or other toxic substances often used in yard care. Once your turf is installed, it remains vibrant and beautiful without risking aesthetics or function. Your lawn or playground remains toxic-free, lush, and appealing throughout the year. While homeowners often prefer natural turf, fertilizers can devastate the environment, especially surrounding water sources like ponds and rivers.

Undoubtedly, Artificial turf is more cost-effective, safe, and durable. In addition to quality surfaces, Innovative Sport Finishing offers many products and solutions for all your recreational needs. Contact their amazing team and have the best play equipment and services delivered to your desired location.

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