Smash My Trash: Cost Effective Waste Management for Residential and Commercial Sites

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Smash My Trash: Cost Effective Waste Management for Residential and Commercial Sites

Smash My Trash: Cost Effective Waste Management for Residential and Commercial Sites

Sometimes, we come across a concept that is just so different, so game-changing that it’s really a compelling story just in and of itself.  We think we have one here in Smash My Trash!  In a world with a steadily increasing population and rapid urbanization, waste management has become a serious problem for residential areas and commercial entities alike. Poor waste disposal mechanisms not only pose a threat to the environment but can also be costly for organizations that accumulate significant amounts of waste on a regular basis.

Smash My Trash is a service with unique features which can facilitate effective management of waste, reduce the impact of waste on the environment, and cut costs for organizations big and small. Here are some of the features of this unique service:

  • Compacting Machines: These machines can compact trash to a ratio of 5:1 reducing the space taken by waste by 80%.
  • No Need for Restrictive Contracts: You only need to sign their terms of service.
  • Recycling: Smash My Trash partners with recycling companies to ensure only that which cannot be recycled immediately ends up in the landfill.
  • No to purchase new equipment
  • Flexible Payment: There are many different packages to suit your specific situation so that you only pay for what you need.
  • Round the Clock Service: Trash will be picked up whenever it needs to be hauled be at night, day, weekends, or holidays.

Residential Buildings and Related Structures.

In apartments and other residential buildings, efficient waste management is critical to averting the health and environmental risk posed by uncollected trash. Accumulate waste can also be an eyesore to potential tenants. Consumerism has increased the amount of waste produced per household making waste management more complicated for landlords and residential property managers.

Smash My Trash can not only ensure that your trash is removed regularly, but they can also provide a service that is significantly less costly and more effective than the alternatives available today. With their around the clock service, trash can be collected at night, during the day and even on holidays and weekends.

Residents of these residential buildings can also benefit from the Smash My Trash service. The service can help with clean outs and removals for tenants who want to dispose of old furniture and equipment. The company provides a cost-effective service with discounts for tenants who need to haul bulk items. There will be an onsite operator daily who will not only ensure the trash is removed, but also help to spread awareness of effective methods of waste disposal.

Commercial Clients and Businesses

Businesses in manufacturing and construction generate the largest volumes of waste compared to other businesses and organizations. These organizations need to eliminate waste from their premises on time, in order to avoid a myriad of logistical challenges that may crop up. For example, construction companies are sometimes forced to send their staff when waste accumulates on their site to the point it disrupts operations.

Smash My Trash will provide open top containers of various sizes depending on your needs. They also have compacting machines and recycling equipment such as glass crushers and corrugated balers to speed up the process of recycling and reduce the amount of waste that can accumulate on your premises at any one time. The process is simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly and is suitable for both residential and commercial sites.


For more information on the Smash My Trash model and what services they offer, visit the corporate site:

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