Split Rail Fence Store for All Your Rail Fencing Needs

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Split Rail Fence Store for All Your Rail Fencing Needs


Split Rail Fence Store for All Your Rail Fencing Needs

If you enjoy the beautiful timeless appearance of split wood fencing, Split Rail Fence Store has plenty to offer you. A family-owned business, Split Rail has been serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware for more than five-years. They have a great selection of quality split rail fencing at prices you can afford. In addition, their experts are available to install your fence in a quick timely manner, relieving you of the hard work and stress involved in Do-It-Yourself projects.


Pressure Treated and Natural Wood Choices

If you prefer wood fencing for functionality and rustic beauty, Split Rail inventory is sure to please. While offering long-lasting exquisiteness with an easy to install design, farmers and homeowners are provided with the protection they need with split rail fencing. Pressure treated wood is treated with ACQ which is relatively harmless to both humans and animals. Or, choose an option with no chemicals added to their “natural” wood.  Both of these gorgeous types of wood are available in 2-rail and 3-rail options.


Split Rail Fence

The most popular choice of fencing on the East Coast is traditional split rail fence. Posts are available in both locust and pressure treated that can be combined with pressure treated or “natural” wood. Furthermore, if you are searching for 8’6” rails with 8’ post spacing, Split Rail is the place to go. They are one of the only dealers who carry this size of rails.


Western Red Cedar

One of the choices Split Rail Store carries is Western Red Cedar. Due to this type of wood not grown on the east coast, it is difficult to find. Split Rail receives a shipment of this attractive wood directly from northern Montana to ensure their customers get the look they want.


Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence

Vinyl ranch rail fence offers an affordable option that requires little to no maintenance, unlike standard rail fencing. Vinyl functions the same as wood fencing but has a white appearance that mimics large horse farms.


Round Cedar Split Rail

Split Rail offers the choice for round split rail for homeowners and farmers looking for a fence with a distinctive appearance while not sacrificing exquisiteness and functionality of traditional split rail.


Pet Friendly

Electronic fences have a risk of failing due to battery issues, power outages, and broken lines. Split rail fencing is a safe option for pet owners. Include welded wire to prevent dogs and horses from escaping and pests from entering. The QVC coated welded wire is easy to install on one side while maintaining the woods natural beauty. Choose either U-nails or staples to securely fasten the wire to the split rail or board fence. Both 3’ and 4’ x 100’ sizes are available for your selection at great prices.

In addition to these quality fences, Split Rock also offers snake rail and slip board fence making them the right choice for all your rail fence needs.


For more information about their low prices, spectacular service, and high-quality products, contact Split Rail today.





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