Sub City Restaurant Service and Menu Offering Review

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Sub City Restaurant Service and Menu Offering Review

Sub City Restaurant Service and Menu Offering Review

The Sub City Restaurant is a gourmet sandwich shop that was started with the aim of providing delicious food with many affordable options. The restaurant was founded by LaDarryl Clements and Tremaine Gilson who are both experienced in the restaurant business and wanted to develop a model that will work for different franchise locations across America.

The three locations in Cleveland have proven to be successful and Sub City has already sold one outlet as a franchise. They intend to expand to new territories by offering menu options that are affordable and appealing to patrons in different locations where the franchise intends to go.

The Incredible Menu

The two main selling points for the gourmet shop are affordable and delicious. For residents of Cleveland,it is a great place to grab some delicious food, especiallyfor breakfast or lunch. The main foods offered are sandwiches, chicken wings, andCheesesteaks.

  • Wings:There is a wide range of delicious wings with different flavors to choose from. On Wednesdays,the restaurant has an offer where you can get 30 cents wings for every purchase of a lemonade drink. Sub city also offers 10 wings with fries for about $9.49.
  • Sandwiches: There are also different flavors of sandwiches. You can try the PhillySteak Sandwich or City Cheesesteak that are most popular with patrons. All of the sandwiches go for between $8 and $10 and the portions are fairly largesuitable for brunch, lunch or dinner
  • Rice Bowls:The cost of the rice bowls is on average $10. Each rice bowl comes with red or green peppers, onions, mushrooms, threaded cheese, amongst other ingredients.
  • Daily Lunch Specials: Lunch specials are available 11 amto 2 pmfrom Monday to Friday. For $5.99 you can have lunch served with your choice of options.

The Great Service and Excellent Experience

The service is friendly and professional, which is not surprising given the restaurant was founded by seasoned restaurateurs who have made the locations very successful in a considerably short period of time.

There are three locations; Cleveland on Euclid Avenue, Maple HTS, and the Lakeshore Location. All the eateries are clean and neat. The locations are designed for a carryoutservice. The newest restaurant in Lakeshore has seating space that can accommodate dining for about 10 people. It has a sports lounge and a full bar for entertainment and the additionalsitting area in the patio.

You can place your order by calling the restaurant or ordering online. You may also opt to walk to the restaurant and wait for your order. The service has remained consistently professional. There is a call service to alert you when your order is ready.

Currently,you can order online at the Cleveland and Lakeshore locations. The online order will be coming soon for patrons of Maple location. After you’ve made your order online, you will be alerted when it is ready and you can pick it up at the location you ordered from.

Sub City restaurant is a simple eatery offering affordable food and a wide range of delicious options with great deals every day.

For more information on Sub City, visit the corporate site:

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