Take the Worry Out of Purchasing Flooring with The Carpet Girl!

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Take the Worry Out of Purchasing Flooring with The Carpet Girl!

Take the Worry Out of Purchasing Flooring with The Carpet Girl!

Are you looking for new flooring for your home? Have you had trouble finding just the right product or deciding what you want to use? Then look no further than The Carpet Girl! As a woman and someone who just doesn’t have time to get out of the car and load the kids up to do really anything….carpet was definitely not high on the priority list.  The Carpet Girl made the process approachable and easy to understand so that I could get the job done and the carpet that we wanted.  This amazing company has an outstanding record of helping clients and makes the entire process so approachable. This company has been assisting people for years in finding a floor covering that meets each and every need they have in their home. Whether you’re looking for hardwood flooring, carpeting, rugs, or any other flooring material, The Carpet Girl has you covered!


Who is The Carpet Girl?

The Carpet Girl company is a woman owned business that customizes your every flooring need to you.  Dianne Grossman founded the business and has in a way revolutionized the carpet industry with a fresh, out of the box approach.  This is not a one-size fits all flooring experience. Your private flooring project manager will meet with you at a convenient time for you to show you flooring samples, discover what you’re really wanting in your home, and produce a plan to make your flooring dreams come true.


When you set up an appointment you and your project manager will meet in a pressure free zone, such as your home, to discuss what it is your looking for. They can meet you at a local coffee shop to discuss what it is you’re looking for, or come to your home to do a consultation. Your manager will bring along samples of the flooring styles you like so that you can see what the result are in your chosen room. For example, your lighting in your kitchen will make the flooring have a different appearance than it would in the showroom in Springfield or coffee shop locations. By doing a home consultation, you can see what your lighting and home does to the flooring to decide if that’s the choice for you.


From Start to Finish The Carpet Girl Made it Easy

Your amazing Carpet Girl manager will go with you from start to finish to make sure your flooring experience is one you’ll never forget. From the choosing of colors and styles to the measuring and installation, your project manager is by your side. If you have concerns or questions come up during the process, feel free to contact your manager at any time. You’ll receive their personalized contact information so they can assist you throughout the process.


Amazing Company

Working with The Carpet Girl is an amazing experience for anyone who is looking to rejuvenate their home with bright and new flooring ideas. Whether you want to add in runners or carpeting on your stairs or you just need to redo the whole house, The Carpet Girl has what you need. You can choose flooring through their company and have your own contractor install it. They can have a contractor come out and install it for you should you need that as well.  I love supporting small business and just know that one day The Carpet Girl will be something that could be found on every corner in every town….we all need access to a resource like this and a brand we can trust.  But for now, visit the corporate site for information on the company and service/product offerings:



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