The Chalkboard Preschool: Superior Early Childhood Education

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The Chalkboard Preschool: Superior Early Childhood Education

Children are wonderful. They are fun, playful, imaginative, and naturally optimistic — of course, we can eat cotton candy before bedtime — why not? These lovely littles deserve the very best any time of day and all times of year. The Chalkboard Preschool understands the value of a child’s mind and the incredible opportunity to begin healthy development early on. Founded by Lauren Frazier in 2015, The Chalkboard Preschool is set on the foundation to form a day around a child’s natural curiosity and bend towards discovery. This incredible brand began franchising expansion in 2021 and could soon be available in a city near you.

From the age 2 to 4 massive amounts of cognitive, physical, and emotional development happen. These years are crucial as they play a significant role in the following elementary years and the rest of a child’s educational career. The Chalkboard Preschool brings an incredible philosophy overarching these years, led by the child through exploration and discovery. By offering plenty of opportunities for learning, children naturally learn and absorb better! The company takes special notice to nurture the entire child’s well-being through intentional positive language and affirming interactions throughout the school day.

The curriculum at The Chalkboard Preschool is called The Creative Curriculum. True to its name, the focus is to foster creativity and learning through creative outlets that take place both indoors and outdoors. Gardening, cooking, foreign language, music and more all offer opportunities to develop in new ways. Children find a love for learning at The Chalkboard Preschool that carries them through for a lifetime. When natural curiosity happens, that’s where learning happens. The school has the approach 100% dialed in and has continued to see repeat clients and loyal families as a result. Safety is also a priority at the school, so parents can trust that their children are with high-caliber people in a well-monitored space.

There are 3 program tiers at The Chalkboard Preschool. Each one is specific to age and covers ages 2, 3, and 4. The 2-year-old class will help the tantrum-prone toddler towards emotional control with age-appropriate guidance. Independence is also encouraged within this program, sharing many opportunities to help oneself and build confidence. The 3-year-old class focuses on enrichment and dives deep into a world of language, numbers, literacy and science. Positive peer and adult interactions are also encouraged during this age. The program for children aged 4 is truly a transitional kindergarten class with a mission to ensure not only every child is ready for kindergarten, but that they are prepared with an above-average foundation.

As the brand goes through its franchise expansion, more and more families will have access to this exciting, fun, and well-structured school! If you are interested in learning more about The Chalkboard Preschool for your family, visit If you’d like more information about this affordable early childhood education franchise, visit to get started!

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