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55 Fitness – Active Adult Fitness

55 Fitness – Active Adult Fitness

After turning 55, I spent much of my time searching for a gym that would suit my specific needs. I wanted someplace that wasn’t moving too fast but also motivated me to keep going. I finally came across 55 Fitness. Here I found people that were my same age, all wanted to reach similar goals, and a great variety of things to do.

Health has been a major focus of mine for a long time, and I’ve always sought to improve my health and fitness. After turning 55, it became far more difficult for me though. A major reason for my difficulty was the environment at a more standard gym. This environment was created by the younger crowds that hang around these gyms. Their presence had always made me uncomfortable, so part of my search for a gym included finding a gym where I could work out in comfort. Luckily, that place was 55 Fitness.

At 55 Fitness, I found people my own age, who understood why I was going to the gym. The people I met at 55 Fitness had similar goals and made it an extremely easy place to work out at. 55 Fitness wasn’t only easy to work out at, but the people at the gym also made the experience enjoyable. Furthermore, at 55 Fitness, I had the luxury of being able work out at any of the machines I wanted to, and I would never be putting out another person. Everyone who worked out there was at the same general place in life, and understood the process I was going through. 

Another absolute plus of 55 Fitness is the classes and activities the gym offered. Each and every class that was offered was at my speed, making them an excellent experience. No class was too difficult, too fast, or too much to handle physically, allowing me to choose any of the classes from the vast pool offered. Ever since I started working out at 55 Fitness, I’m not only feeling better, but I am hurting less when I wake up each day, sleeping better each and every night, and I have even managed to make a few friends. 

As far as I’m concerned it was a fantastic find, and definitely the best gym experience I’ve had in years. I will definitely keep going back for as many long years as I can! With the help of this gym, I’m sure that’ll be for a very long time. 

For more information on 55 Fitness in Roswell, visit the corporate site: https://55plus.fitness/

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  • brandon howell
    July 20, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    55 Fitness has nailed it with this model, such a need and so much market for the senior category. There just isn’t much out there focused on senior fitness and this is such a need. Love the category and just feel that this brand will do well. Glad they are in Roswell.

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