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Avendelle Senior Homes Dallas

Avendelle Senior Homes Dallas 

Stepping into senior citizenship is a certainty for everyone. For those of us who find ourselves at a crossroads with a senior loved one in our lives, we may feel uncertain about where to turn to next. Making the decision on where and how to provide a safe home for an aging person in our lives is both emotional and tedious. Look no further. Avendelle Assisted Living is revolutionizing the face of senior care and assisted living facilities. With locations in Texas and North Carolina, the Avendelle team has put great time and effort in perfecting their homes, practices, and operations, making these amazing facilities comforting and inviting.

The all-inclusive, customized senior living experience was first launched in 2005. The concept was based on the idea that seniors needed to continue to maintain their lifestyle, schedule, and freedom for as long as possible within a customized, well-managed environment. The answer was smaller, more intimate homes, instead of the institutionalized, over-populated facilities of yesteryear. Each Avendelle home is custom built within actual residential neighborhoods. The houses allow for the residents to age-in-place, with technology and safety procedures in place for all levels of care, including memory care, as well as trained, professional caregivers within the home around the clock.

Avendelle has seven beautiful senior living homes in the Dallas area at the following addresses:
7205 Lavendale Circle, Dallas, TX 75230
7123 Meadow Road, Dallas, TX 75230

7125 Merriman Parkway, Dallas, TX 75231
3925 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75229
6906 Spanky Branch, Dallas, TX 75248
807 Forestcrest Court, Euless, TX 76039
2104 Merksem Court, Plano, TX 75025

Everything about Avendelle is resident-centered. Founder Esther Cromwell states that “Our residents and their families are not just residents. They become part of our extended family. These are people we truly care for and really want to make a difference in their lives.” Families are welcome to visit the home environment and residents are encouraged to maintain freedom and lifestyle as much as possible. A 3:1 caregiver-to-resident ratio keeps the communication going, with a maximum of six residents per home. Caregivers get to know each resident on a personal level allowing for flexibility in each day based on how a resident is feeling, their wants, and their schedule. Additionally, residents are encouraged to participate in various activities such as cooking, folding clothes, or setting the table, as they are able. 

A highly trained, professional, and caring staff coupled with upgraded technology and precautionary safety measures is the answer for any senior needing to transition into a new living space. With 14 years of experience at its back and a high demand for its unique services beckoning, Avendelle is continuing to expand. For more information on Avendelle Assisted Living and to find a location near you, please visit their website at https://www.avendelle.com/avendelle-region/dallas/

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