Roll Out Like a Star at Auto Spa Bistro

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Roll Out Like a Star at Auto Spa Bistro


Roll Out Like a Star at Auto Spa Bistro


Feeling like a star with a stylish car just got easier thanks to Atlanta-based company, Auto Spa Bistro. Founded by Lemont Bradley and overseen by an all star Board of Directors full of business experts, Auto Spa Bistro is an incredibly unique experience for franchisees and clients alike! The company, which has just announced its franchise launch this year, seamlessly combines the necessary task of car washing and detailing with the convenience of delicious food in a stylish atmosphere.

Auto Spa Bistro is truly a destination that beckons the elite. Celebrities are quick to recognize this diamond for what it is — a stylish, upscale experience where they can pamper their car and themselves. The all star roster of clients includes big names like Chris Tucker, Lil Baby, Julio Jones, Rick Ross, Nelly, Akon, Jermaine Dupree, Hank Aaron, Charles Oakley, and many more. Social media platforms buzz with star approval. Auto Spa Bistro delivers service that not only draws all people in, but it impresses and attracts them again and again!

The company isn’t just selling a service; they’re selling a fully integrated experience of delicious, chef-driven cuisine, top-rated customer service, plush seating, and great company. The menu at Auto Spa Bistro is delicious. Bistro Omelettes, a Vegan Sloppy Joe, the Mini Cooper Brunch, and the Bugatti Burger are just a few of several menu items that are filling and tasty. The mouthwatering variety is available 7 days a week. Customers will also find a full service bar. 

Every Auto Spa Bistro is inviting and convenient. Customers can set up an appointment via the easy access form on the company’s website. Once arrived, the red carpet is rolled out for their vehicle. Visitors can choose to upgrade to a VIP Membership. VIP Members are invited to relax in the plush VIP Room and have their meal in even more style! Memberships are affordable, the service is amazing, and clients leave feeling important, stylish, and treated well! To schedule your appointment at Auto Spa Bistro, visit their website at 

Auto Spa Bistro is franchising. Do you like nice cars? Do you appreciate great food? Auto Spa Bistro may be the franchise you want! For more information on the Auto Spa Bistro franchise opportunity, contact [email protected] or [email protected]. 

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