The One-Stop-Shop for Property Restoration: Healthy Home Environmental Services

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The One-Stop-Shop for Property Restoration: Healthy Home Environmental Services


The One-Stop-Shop for Property Restoration: Healthy Home Environmental Services

The year of 2020 has brought several things to our attention, one of which is the ever-growing need for clean, hygienic homes and workplaces. Healthy Home Environmental Services is the answer to all of our comfort, cleanliness, and restorative needs! The company, who launched their restoration franchise opportunity in 2020, is a multifaceted brand specializing in all aspects of property restoration, including disinfection.

Since its inception, Healthy Homes has not only helped residential customers, but has also made a huge difference for their commercial clients as well! The company serves as a one-stop-shop for restoration services including mold remediation, asbestos removal, indoor air quality testing, flood damage repair, and disinfection services. The company, founded by Jefferey Parsons, was started as a way to make a positive impact on the community. 

Mold is often a hidden danger at a property and can make residents or office workers sick with mysterious symptoms including chronic upper respiratory infections or skin allergies. Healthy Homes will begin with a free over-the-phone consultation regarding the concerns, schedule an in-person inspection, and then formulate a plan of action for remediation. In the same fashion, asbestos will also be detected through an inspection. The asbestos abatement experience with Healthy Home is fast, convenient, and safe. They also perform follow-up re-testing to ensure the asbestos is completely cleared.

Healthy Homes is customer focused. The team provides 24 hour emergency on-call services for flooding. They complete the entire process from first call to water mitigation, drying, and complete restoration. The Healthy Homes disinfection process removes contamination of influenza, herpes, HIV, fungus, and mrsa, among others. Prevention is key, especially in light of current global events, and Healthy Homes can help! The team prides itself on being THE property restoration company, offering extensive services beyond the aforementioned, including fire, smoke, crime scene, or hoarding clean-up.

The brand works with insurance companies within many situations and can help you, your family, or your business get on track and back to normal faster! For a free phone consultation or for more information, visit

Interested in learning more about the franchise system for Healthy Home Environmental?  Contact Jeff, he’d love to speak with you!

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