The Greeks is a Delicious Choice in Restaurant Franchises!

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The Greeks is a Delicious Choice in Restaurant Franchises!


The Greeks is a Delicious Choice in Restaurant Franchises!

Prepare to have your mind blown — The Greeks restaurant is a delicious, mouth watering experience that will leave you craving more!  Quite literally, the best Greek food you have ever tasted is available in a Quick Serve restaurant model This authentic Greek restaurant headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina carries a varietal menu of traditional favorites and unexpected newcomers. With their franchise expansion, soon everyone will have a chance to taste the one and only The Greeks delectable cuisine! 

Award-winning falafel and the freshest tzatziki mean you have stepped foot into The Greeks. The restaurant was first launched in 2011 and has since then proven itself as a fan favorite. From the moment visitors arrive at The Greeks, the aromas, decor, and laughter transport them to a joyous experience full of flavor and fun! Their falafel has become famous, being mentioned on numerous occasions in food guides. It’s made in house by hand with local, fresh ingredients.  

Everything at The Greeks restaurant is made on a daily basis and always prepared to perfection. Hand cut meats, house-made tzatziki, hummus, tahini, and hand carved gyro is what makes The Greeks flavors stand out amidst all the rest. The gyro meat is rotated on a spit and carved on the spot! The Greeks use fresh, hearty mushrooms packed full of protein. There’s something for everyone at this fast casual stop, including appetizers, gyros, salads, sandwiches, platters, and more! 

The Greeks is a convenient stop for numerous occasions. Lunch and dinner are served seven days a week. Stopping in for a quick bite during a lunch break or bringing in a group of friends to enjoy some truly authentic Greek food are both easy to do at The Greeks! The menu is affordable and they offer delivery and pick up services. Do you have a special event coming up? The Greeks caters too! There’s something for the entire family at this delicious authentic Greek restaurant. 

Do you want a chance to be a part of this explosively popular fast casual brand? The Greeks is now franchising! The company is offering a ground floor opportunity with an affordable franchise fee and ongoing support. For an exciting, simple-to-operate business in the restaurant industry, The Greeks is it! For more information on this exciting fast casual restaurant franchise, visit  


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