The Juicy Crab Franchise Takes Seafood to a Deeper Level 

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The Juicy Crab Franchise Takes Seafood to a Deeper Level 


The Juicy Crab Franchise Takes Seafood to a Deeper Level 


The Juicy Crab is a hub to amazing seafood and a destination for travelers and locals alike. It was first started in 2015 by restaurateur Raymond Chen and has since become a hometown favorite, earning rave reviews across several social platforms. As the astounding results in customer retention and word-of-mouth referrals pile up, the company is now scaling even further through franchising, bringing that signature Juicy Crab taste to the nation. 

For more than 5 years The Juicy Crab has been the standard in great-tasting seafood in the Atlanta metro area. The brand brings a rich history in the culinary arts to the table, citing Mr. Chen’s grandfather’s world travels as the beginning of the legacy. Rooted in delicious New Orleans style cooking and enriched through dialed-in techniques, diners will find that once they try The Juicy Crab, they can’t help but be hooked! The company currently covers several states throughout the Southeast with 28 operating locations in all.  

Visitors will find a pleasant atmosphere where they can drop in and find robust flavors served quickly. The Juicy Crab is full of fun and flavor and has a relaxing ambiance applicable to a wide range of diners. The menu consists of the staple crab, of course, but also offers mussels, oysters, fish, shrimp, and more. A delectable drink selection and full bar accompany the menu. Crispy hush puppies and tasty Cajun sauce are some of the many details that make the entire Juicy Crab experience unique and top-notch.  

The brand has streamlined its recipes and processes in order to deliver the same great experience no matter the location a dining party visits. Speaking of delivery, The Juicy Crab can be found across most major delivery platforms including DoorDash and UberEats — if you’re hooked but want to stay the night in, they still have you covered! Patrons will not only find delicious seafood at The Juicy Crab but will experience top-of-the-line service. The waitstaff and hosting team are always courteous and attentive, quickly getting you seated and eating while enjoying your night out. 

More great news for Juicy Crab fans  — the company is franchising. The leadership team is bringing a new standard of seafood to the franchise market, carrying on their proven model and tasty recipes throughout the nation through its franchise offering. Do you want to be the next The Juicy Crab franchisee? Visit their franchise webpage at  for more information. 




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