Baked Cookies and Dough: Insanely good Edible Cookie Dough

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Baked Cookies and Dough: Insanely good Edible Cookie Dough

Baked Cookies and Dough: Insanely good Edible Cookie Dough

Baked Cookies and Dough is a fast-rising edible cookies company headquartered in Westchester, PA. In less than 2 years, Baked Cookies and Dough has grown into one of the favorite spots for residents of West Chester looking for a delicious treat.  The business has achieved its success in such a short time thanks to a combination of factors, professional staff, delicious recipes, and a reliable service, the bakery is now popular with families and young people who feel they must have a taste of its offerings and service.  Today, Baked is not only making people happy in Westchester, but will be expanding the fun brand through franchising. 

Location and Service Add Up to an Incredible Experience

If you want to sample some of the delicious treats, you can walk into the shop at 34 S High St West Chester, Pennsylvania (You can also order by phone or through an app). There is ample parking enough for the customers who frequent the bakery. This Baked Cookies and Dough location is pristine clean. It often serves young people or families looking to enjoy what the eatery has to offer.

The staff is friendly and helpful. They can help you pick from the wide range of dough and cookie flavors. You can sample as many of the available flavors as you want; from salted caramel to brownies. The eatery has its own flavors and the menu may change from time to time. Allowing patrons to taste gives them the opportunity to choose what they like before they commit.

Delicious Treats and Amazing Menu

If you can’t get to the bakery Baked Cookies and Dough has a service that can deliver cookies or dough in your choice of flavor wherever you are in West Chester. You can either call their helpdesk or use the Tapingo app which can be downloaded for free.

The two main choices on the menu are cookie and dough treats. There are at least six flavors for the dough which includes Oreo, Salted Caramel, Sugar, Choco Chips, etc. There are more flavor choices for cookies and include white macadamia, triple chocolate, lemon blueberry, peanut butter, and M&M. You can get a small cup of your favorite dough flavor for $4. You can also order ice cream. At Baked Cookies and Dough you can make an Ice cream sandwich with dough and ice cream.

You’ve Gotta Try It. 

Most young people prefer to eat the dough the same way, you eat ice cream. For this reason, the bakery does not spare any effort to ensure that the food is made with the highest standards of safety. These treats are not only delicious but have been made so that it is absolutely safe to eat. There are no eggs or egg products added to the dough. The flour is treated so that it is free from e.coli and other disease-causing pathogens.  Additionally, the cookies and dough are prepared with pure butter rather than hydrogenated fats or cooking oil.

Some of the cookies and dough are very sweet, but you can ask to sample first before you make an order. The bakery is currently planning to start offering gluten-free options on the menu. If you are looking to indulge in baked cookies or edible dough Baked Cookies and Dough has a wide variety of menu items you can pick from. 


For more information on Baked, visit the corporate site, if you’re up for the ultimate experience, click on the franchise button for more information on the site:

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