The Brand, Offering, and Value of Bodhi Bar

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The Brand, Offering, and Value of Bodhi Bar

The Brand, Offering, and Value of Bodhi Bar

Bodhi Bar is your premiere organic smoothie and cold-press juice bar. The business specializes in juice cleanse packages. Looking to stay healthy? Bodhi Bar is your best bet. Did you know that just one juice from Bodhi Bar is able to supply up to 6 servings of vegetables and fruits? Also, their juices don’t contain any toxic preservatives or added sugar. What’s more, they don’t use high-pressure preservation or pasteurization techniques that break down the essential nutrients and destroy beneficial enzymes.

For added nutritional density and ultimate freshness, Bodhi Bar juices daily using their cold-press juicer.  Cold press juices are almost 50 times healthier than regular juices. The cleanses from Bodhi Bar are specially made to help you detoxify your body, boost your immune system, and essentially help you become healthier.

Bodhi Bar Product Offerings

Bodhi Bar offers 3 cleanse packages, that is 3, 5, and 7-day packages. The packages help you detoxify your liver, lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle, among other benefits.

The main cleanse packages are slimmer, stronger and Bodhi beautiful cleanse packages.

Bodhi has a number of juice packs including Bodhi Bar variety pack, detox concoction, recovery and ready, power glow, melonlicious, sweetie pie, and spice girl.

Their smoothies are rich in fiber and are blended with organic vegetables and fruits. Organic vegetables and fruits are free from any additives and pesticides.

The cold-press juicer uses a pressure of 1500 lbs. to squeeze out almost 99% of the vegetable and fruit nutrients. This extraction method preserves the maximum amount of minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

Cold pressed-juices have a number of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Anti-Aging

Food affects your outer appearance and your inner health. Food affects how you feel and look. The best anti-aging antidote is vegetables and fruits.

  • Reduced Stress

According to studies, amino acid tryptophan helps you sleep better and alleviates your moods. One highly recommended source of this amino acid is spinach. Spinach is also rich in magnesium, which is good for muscle and nerve relaxation.

  • Weight Loss

Struggling with weight loss issues? You’ll be glad to know that cold press juices will energize and detoxify your body. The juices will also effectively help you lose weight.

Bodhi Value Proposition – OMG

Bodhi Bar is dedicated to buying organic vegetables and fruits to avoid any toxins. They use a cold-press juicer to ensure maximum nutritional value in all their juices. The juices are bottled in BPA-free reusable and recyclable bottles. In addition, they make only small batches of juice.

To naturally preserve the juices, maximize the nutritional value and freshness, Bodhi uses the flash freeze concept. This means that the juice is cryogenically preserved, thus preserving live enzymes and phytonutrients.

Juicing is a healthy way of adding vegetables and fruits into your diet. Drinking the produce in the form of juice is a more palatable way of supplementing a deficient diet. The juices from Bodhi Bar not only taste amazing, but they also have incredible health benefits to your body. Including one juice a day in your diet on a daily basis will increase your essential mineral and vitamin intake and will leave you feeling great.


For more information on the Bodhi Bar menu and product offerings, visit the corporate site!


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