Big Air Trampoline: Lots of fun and Activities for Families, Children, and Teams

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Big Air Trampoline: Lots of fun and Activities for Families, Children, and Teams

Big Air Trampoline is a family focused entertainment concept that has more to offer than you’d find at any other trampoline park. Big Air Trampoline has been in existence for more than three decades and has written the book on family entertainment.  Who would have thought that trampolines could be so much fun!?!?! The entertainment concept features mainly trampoline attractions in spacious areas that are safe and fun for the whole family and what Big Air has done so well is create a family friendly environment that is safe, fun, clean and always a good time.


Fun you just can’t imagine without being there!

Big Air Trampoline parks are spacious and are built on areas that are between 15,000 and 35,000 square feet, have a pleasant, fun design, great layouts and some of the most friendly staff you will meet in the entertainment industry. Unlike other trampoline park concepts that only have three or four attractions to offer, Big Air Trampoline offers a lot more.

  • Dodgeball Courts: Specially designed dodge ball courts where you can either play in pairs or bring a group of friends.
  • Dunk Courts: Specially designed courts for those who like to work on their dunking skills. It can accommodate dunkers of various heights.
  • Climbing Wall: Some intense climbing wall activities that you can take part in as an individual or as part of a group.
  • Battlebeam®: A Big Air original. Enter an epic, one-on-one jousting battle while maintaining your balance over a pit of foam. The winner’s bragging rights are the ultimate prize!
  • Bullpen: Ride the mechanical bull at the amusement park and find out how long you can stay on without falling off.
  • Main Court: The main court is a safe and fun place where kids can jump off the walls.


A Community that Cares for One Another.

Do you want to organize a fun birthday for your child, a fundraiser, or team parties for your colleagues at work? Big Air Trampoline offers packages for birthday parties starting with 10 kids which also includes pizza and drinks. Some packages may also include Big Air Arcade tokens, and private access areas. Packages for fundraisers and team parties may include reserved table time, pizza soft drink and fresh fruits.  The staff, team and entire company mission is to make family fun possible for anyone.  The staff, team and everything about Big Air is devoted to creating a community environment that is safe, fun and always a great time. 


Health and Fitness

Jumping on the trampoline is one of the best activities for children and the entire Big Air model is devoted not only to fun, but to creating healthy lifestyles for families and children. The concept is so much fun and is always enjoyable for kids because there is a wide variety of activities to participate in, especially if you choose to take your kids to a Big Air Trampoline Park. They can climb walls, play dodge ball or try to find out who can stay longest in the bullpen. Big Air Trampoline Park make kids want to stay and try out all the different activities that the park has to offer. It is also one of the best activities for staying fit and healthy. Within half an hour it is possible for an adult weighing 150 pounds to burn 120 calories. This is much more than the same person would burn running for an hour. This is a much more efficient use of your time. Even if you spend only 20 minutes at the park, you can be sure that your children are getting enough exercise.

Trampoline not only makes both kids and adults fitter but it also has other important health benefits. It lengthens and strengthens muscles and promotes balance which will be useful in other sports. It has also been known to improve aerial awareness, improve cardiovascular fitness and heart health and improves the function of the brain bilaterally. With all the fun activities people of all ages can take part at Big Air Trampoline Park, anyone can get fitter and healthier without even paying attention to it.


For more information on the Big Air brand and where to find a location near you, visit the corporate site:

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