The Booking Barn: A One Stop Shop for Event Planning

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The Booking Barn: A One Stop Shop for Event Planning

A Directory for Event Planning

The Booking Barn is a directory for event planning making the management, scheduling and oversight of planning and executing a large event simple, easy and manageable.  Because the platform is cloud based it creates a mobile business opportunity which can be operated from anywhere across the country. One of the perks of an event planner is the ability to travel as you organize an activity from state to state. That poses some problems, however, as working on unfamiliar grounds may possibly lead to disorganized and frenzied event without the proper help.

The Booking Barn is a one-stop-shop for all event planners. The website just makes it easier for anybody to find a partner or vendor whatever activity he or she is planning. 

It’s not always the big things that are going to mess up your event. It’s the little details that are easily overlooked but can cause massive repercussions later on. Indeed, the devil, as they say, is in the details.

The Booking Barn offers simplicity and structure for Planners

However, one feature in the site I found useful is the planner’s tool where I can split up my projects into different sections. I can then keep track of my expenses, the list of vendors who are helping me for the event, and the tasks that have been completed or have yet to be started.

This also enables me to manage several projects simultaneously because each task is monitored and every undertaking is tracked and recorded. While I haven’t yet blacklisted a non-performing vendor, I would imagine the planner’s tool will make it easier to exclude them from your future plans.

It’s actually quite easy to find somebody who can help you. The process is simplified into three steps: you choose your city, focus your search from within two kilometers to as far as 180 kilometers, and then select from among the vendors who are located near you.

The best thing is the choice of sending multiple requests for quotation from the vendors on the list. That really saves up on your time, rather than having to contact each and every vendor before signing a contract. This also makes it easier to compare the prices and find the best partner for you.

Not only for event planners

The Booking Barn is not just for event planners, however, as vendors can also join in to expand their network. Whether you are a photographer, florist, event planner, hair and make-up stylist, caterer, singer, DJ, and owner of hotel or convention center, you can enlist at the website where clients can easily find you. 

From conferences, social and sporting events, trade shows, weddings, and birthdays, there’s no need to visit several websites and emailing each and everyone about their services. 

There are also special promos that visitors can avail. For instance, there’s an existing pre-season sale that offers 15% off of the prices of events. When you book for an event or activity until May 19, 2017, you get a discount from the regular cost.The money that you save will hopefully increase your profit margins.

Indeed, The Booking Barn has helped make my life easier as an event planner. It also helped me expand my services outside my state knowing full well that when I need somebody as soon as possible, The Booking Barn is just a click away.


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