Brakes for Less: Intense Consumer Satisfaction

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Brakes for Less: Intense Consumer Satisfaction


Brakes for Less: Intense Consumer Satisfaction

The last thing anyone wants to deal with when they take their car into the shop is poor customer service and inflated prices which in . A mere glance at consumer protection websites shows one of the most complained about businesses is the car repair industry. Fortunately, consumers who bring their cars in to Brakes for Less don’t have that problem, because Brakes for Less business model is all about treating customers fairly. Here are some ways Brakes for Less caters to consumer satisfaction.

Focus on One Type of Automotive Repair and Servicing

Brakes for Less has a focus on automotive maintenance and brake repair. They found that when they focus on a small list of car maintenance and repair, they are able to serve their customers quickly and efficiently. Anyone who has ever had their car in the shop for multiple days at a time knows how annoying it is not to have a car. With Brakes for Less, customers can bring their car in for servicing, and have it back to them the same day. In fact, in most cases, a car can be serviced while the owner waits. 

Brakes for Less specializes in brakes, but they also do many different types of maintenance work. That means if a customer needs their tires checked or a new battery, they are able to get it taken care of all in one place. This means less time running in between car repair shops, and more time doing things people need to get done every day.

Upfront Pricing

One of the things that the owner of Brakes for Less noticed in his years in the automotive business was that many car maintenance and repair shops do not put their prices on display anywhere. This means that the customer has no idea how much they will pay when they walk into the business. That’s no way to treat a consumer. At Brakes for Less, the prices car owners will pay are on display for anyone to see, and they are up on their website. No price gouging to see here.

Customer Courtesy

Brakes for Less knows that the customer is the most important aspect of the business. For that reason, customer courtesy and satisfaction is at the forefront of their business. They offer a warranty on the work they do, and go out of their way to make sure their customers understand the work that was done on their cars. That way, the customer can walk away feeling satisfied they were treated with dignity and respect. It’s as important as any car repair.

The Brakes For Less System is currently available in several markets and more are coming soon with the automotive franchise being sold into other markets throughout the southeastern U.S.  For more information on Brakes For Less services or the Brakes For Less franchise system, visit the Brakes For Less Site:

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