You’ll-Feel-Better, Powerful Yoga at FBY YOGA

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You’ll-Feel-Better, Powerful Yoga at FBY YOGA

You’ll-Feel-Better, Powerful Yoga at FBY YOGA

Stop what you are doing and pop over to your closest FBY YOGA. Once inside, the incredible staff and instructors will welcome you in, each one intrinsically endued with powerful energetic vibes that are contagious. Since 2016, FBY YOGA has rocked the world of yoga. The company was born out of purpose, love, and passion, which are all innate qualities within the studio and company culture.

The Beginning of FBY Yoga

The FBY YOGA team is led by founder Shelley Roupas. Her story is incredible, creating FBY YOGA through a first-hand journey that produced amazing positive change within her life. More laughs. Less stress. Heightened gratefulness. Several motivators beyond physical change spurred Shelley to launch FBY YOGA. The entire FBY YOGA team is a standout not just for who they are now, but for where they came from. Sharing yoga is a passionate vein that runs through the entire heart of the brand and staff.

Feel the Difference

FBY YOGA is all about sharing the challenge, the game-changing power of yoga. They purposefully welcome people of all fitness levels, all generations, all life stages, and all backgrounds. The company has succeeded in creating an incredible we-are-all-in-this-together type of feeling, motivating and celebrating one another every step of the way. The entire team culture boasts a YES attitude, striving to achieve new physical, emotional, and mental levels of well-being by sharing yoga in several different ways.

Bettering Life Through Yoga

There are several avenues to yoga at FBY YOGA. Private lessons and group classes are only the beginning. Corporate yoga packages include unlimited yoga for businesses with 6 or more employees, plus a yoga business party once per year. FBY YOGA ADVENTURE RETREATS have proven to be a blast time and time again, taking rock-your-world yoga practices on the road to breathtaking sights that awaken the senses and the mind. FBY YOGA is a registered yoga school with the yoga alliance and offers teacher training. The program consists of 200 hours of instruction completed over a nine day immersive setting followed by two additional weekends.

Share Yoga With the People You Care About

YES! You too can join this incredible network of passionate yoga sharers through their franchise opportunity. A passion for yoga is a must. Fun, freedom, and yoga; it doesn’t get much better than that. For more information on the FBY YOGA franchise offering, visit their site at

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