Causey Orthodontics: The Orthodontic Practice that Has Raised the Bar

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Causey Orthodontics: The Orthodontic Practice that Has Raised the Bar

Causey Orthodontics: The Orthodontic Practice that Has Raised the Bar

It’s an all too common experience to get those unpleasant nerves upon arrival for a dental appointment of any kind — clammy hands, stomach aching, wishing you were somewhere else. Dr. Causey and his team are here to completely redefine the expectation from that first appointment and every one beyond. Nestled in the North Georgia suburbs of Cumming, Dr. Causey is joined by a team of experts and a friendly staff to bring a mind-blowing experience like no other!

The First Appointment

Enter into Causey Orthodontics just off Keith Bridge Road in Cumming and you will find a pleasant atmosphere and calming environment. Streamlined, clean decor and the smiling faces of the front desk staff tell you right away that Causey Orthodontics is different from your other dental and ortho moments of the past! As you wait, enjoy soft seating, Dippin’ Dots ice cream, and even an arcade game. Since every person and every mouth is vastly different, the team will take the time to get to know you, understand your goals, come up with a treatment plan, and answer your questions. Dr. Causey, along with his colleagues Dr. Whitney and Dr. Gass, do an exceptional job at helping clients feel safe to express their concerns and take the time needed to feel great about the amazing results to come!

The Results

Dr. Causey’s practice was built upon a foundation of respect and results. From the very start, clients can get braces or aligner scans on the same day so they can get back to life and what matters most! The practice has a goal of being the exception to the rule and have achieved this with resounding effectiveness. Every detail at Causey Orthodontics sets them apart from others such as the latest technology, the added touches for comfort, and the waiting room entertainment, just to name a few. Clients can see their results when compared to their first appointment photos and couldn’t be happier or more impressed with the smile change and the resulting confidence! Review after review stand witness to the results from Causey Orthodontics. 

The Response

Clients rave about their experience at Causey Orthodontics. People from all ages and all stages of life — the mom, the athlete, the CEO, the 5th grader — all have enjoyed the results and the care they have received at Causey Orthodontics. One reviewer stated “It was a wonderful experience as an adult getting braces at Causey orthodontics. Dr. Causey and staff are true professionals” and another said “Such a friendly staff! Dr. Causey is great with kids and making sure you get perfection out of your treatment plan!” Causey Orthodontics has continued to raise the bar, earning the prestigious and coveted Best of Forsyth award for four years! Schedule a consultation with this amazing team of professionals and get your ortho treatment done right!

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