Crisp Cuts Premium Hair Care for Men

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Crisp Cuts Premium Hair Care for Men


Crisp Cuts Premium Hair Care for Men

The hair care market has exploded in recent years, especially in the specific hair care segment for men. In the past, many men were perfectly willing to go down the street to their local barber and pay for a traditional haircut using outdated equipment and in an environment that was not catered to their needs. At their corner barbershop, there was familiarity, but not the training or talent needed to deliver modern hairstyles and movements in the men’s hair care industry. Now, however, there is a move away from the traditional, outdated barbershop of old. Men want to go to a modern barbershop with knowledgeable barbers who know how to care for their hair, as well as their facial hair and grooming. This is where a Crisp Cuts franchise comes in. Crisp Cuts blends the love of a traditional neighborhood barber with a modern attention to personal style.


Why Men’s Haircare Is Booming:

In the past, men spent very little on personal care. However, that notion is fading fast. Research indicates that men spend just as much on hair and skin care as women. Men want their barbers to know what hair and skin products would work best on their skin. They want to look good when they step out of their cars to go to a business meeting, or go out on the town with their friends. It is estimated that men spend over $200 per month on hair and skin care, and for that amount of money, men want to know that their barber knows his or her stuff.

Men’s hair care represents a great opportunity for a couple of reasons. Not only is the men’s hair care market growing, but the barbershop itself is diversifying. Men’s hair and skin care applies to men in every customer demographic. Men’s barbershops are also more diverse than women’s hair care, which usually separate themselves according to race. Men’s shops cater to men of every race, which makes them unique in the hair care industry.

Also, men want someone who can care for their facial hair as well. The trend in the last 10 years has been towards men having facial hair. In fact, one-third of men have a beard or a mustache, and that figure is even higher for men in their 20s and 30s. Men expect their facial hair to be expertly groomed, and they want a barber who can keep their facial hair looking just as good as their haircut. Because men’s hair is usually short, they may also visit the barber more often to make sure they look professionally groomed each day.

Crisp Cuts represents the next level of hair care and a true evolution into the next phase of care, customer service and a true passion for men’s barber services. Take a look at their franchise model, and contact them today.

Although, today, Crisp Cuts only locations are in the Kansas City, Missouri market, the brand is franchising in order to expand, scale and bring great service to more people in more markets.  For more information on the Crisp Cuts franchise model, or the service offerings, visit the corporate site:

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