Neurokids Brings Light and Understanding

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Neurokids Brings Light and Understanding


Neurokids Brings Light and Understanding


Childhood is a time of scraped knees, PB and Js, and sleepovers — but it’s also a time of learning, learning, and more learning. When children struggle with behavioral and learning obstacles that inhibit fun and education, parents can feel frustrated, confused, and just plain lost. Neurokids Pediatric Neuropsychology Center located in Gainesville, GA has the solution!

Founded by Dr. Alaina Conner, Neurokids provides comprehensive outpatient neuropsychological assessment services for children, adolescents, and young adults who have suspected cognitive or neuropsychological functional impairments. In other words, Dr. Conner and her team will evaluate the areas of attention, memory, executive function, processing speed, reasoning, perception, coordination, and language and then tailor recommendations for the best avenues for each patient based on their unique learning profiles.

When visiting NeuroKids, families find the atmosphere calm and inviting. Every detail of the office was designed with these delicate situations in mind. From the first phone call to the last goodbye, NeuroKids’ staff is conscientious of the clientele and the situations that brought them there. Fun, streamlined, and comfortable waiting rooms and child-centric staff make the entire NeuroKids experience top notch!

Ultimately, the understanding gained from a visit at NeuroKids can be the missing link for families. Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety can impact a child’s academic progress and social relationships. An assessment from Dr. Conner will provide understanding behind the why of mood disorders with the end goal of improving quality life. Learning disorders, autism, dyslexia, and ADHD can all be evaluated and the presence and severity of such neurodevelopment disorders be determined.

All in all, these assessments provide a clear picture and profile for each individual, and changes can be put in place, such as adjustment for school programs, gifted academic programs, extended test taking times, and more. The team at NeuroKids works closely with parents, teachers, and pediatric specialists that focus on neurology, psychiatry, occupation and speech therapy, just to name a few. It’s with confidence that Dr. Conner and Neurokids Pediatric Neuropsychology Center is highly recommended!

For more information, visit or call (770) 569-3839.

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