Chocolate Bash Makes Sweets FUN!

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Chocolate Bash Makes Sweets FUN!

Chocolate Bash Franchise

America loves their sweets and Chocolate Bash has heard the call loud and CLEAR! With locations in Newport Beach and Los Angeles, California, Chocolate Bash boasts the exotic sweet treats and intoxicating smells of delicious Chocolate creations. The company offers an extensive menu full of mouthwatering favorites that build a fast and favored option within any city and have earned their allstar reputation among loyal customers through instagrammable snapshots, a range of delicious desserts, and overseas-inspired favorites. The company, owned by Rasha Albasha, has boldly been led forward down a path of explosive growth and sprawling acceptance.

Sweet crepes, waffles, fruit salads, Belgian chocolate dipped fruits, hot and cold drinks, and more all make an appearance on the Chocolate Bash menu. They are proud to offer tasty flavor combinations such as the Cream Puffs; this option comes with ten puffs all drizzled with internationally-favored Belgium chocolate. The crowd-pleasing Bash Chocolate Ball features a ball of chocolate (you read that right), icecream, and fruit, all drizzled in warm, Belgium chocolate. Also a favorite is the Crepuccini where sliced crepes meet your choice of Belgium chocolate topping. Their drink options are equally the envy of onlookers. Creamy shake flavors include Oreo, Nutella, Chocolate, Vanilla, and others. The drinks are a treat within themselves, with options to choose from like the Nutella Mocha, the Belgium Dark Chocolate Mocha, or the Chai Karak. These are just a small sampling of their tasty menu items. 

Beyond the aforementioned yumminess, Chocolate Bash welcomes customers to build their own pastries by choosing from a list of pastry bases and toppings. A customer may start with a base, choosing from waffles, crepes, minis, or pancakes. Next, the topping is added: lotus, Nutella, or Beligum chocolate. Finally, a customer is invited to indulge in further taste bud satisfaction with a choice of specialty European chocolate, a scoop of ice cream, lotus cookies, digestive cookies, fruits, or Rice Krispies. 

Chocolate Bash’s family-friendly atmosphere and the range of yummy menu options is something that children and adults alike just can’t get enough of. If your mouth is already asking for a sampling of all things Chocolate Bash, they offer a sampling plate for just the occasion and they conveniently offer delivery through DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub.

For more information on Chocolate Bash, their amazing menu, and their franchise opportunity, dash over to their website at

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  • August 1, 2019 at 11:29 am

    The chocolate franchise market is in need of something new and innovative. Totally cool concept and will revitalize a space that has been stuck in mediocre product quality. Excited to see how people respond to this franchise offering.

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