The Conair Group: Providing Superior Service for Over 50 Years

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The Conair Group: Providing Superior Service for Over 50 Years


The Conair Group: Providing Superior Service for Over 50 Years

The Conair Group continues to build on its excellent service and is now ready to share its success secret to potential franchise partners in greater New York and greater Tri-State area.

Since it was founded in 1963, the company has become synonymous to great service and superior output in the installation, maintenance, repair, and cleaning services for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

The company is a specialist in preventative maintenance, allowing clients to extend the lifespan of their HVAC equipment and components. They also help save clients thousands of dollars in repairs and the purchase of replacement equipment.

A Specialized Focus in High Quality HVAC Work.

The company has established a reputation for excellence by building on its business model that is polished and sharpened through years of experience in the field.

When customers hire the company, they will get:

ü  100% satisfaction guarantee

ü  Highly skilled technicians and troubleshooters

ü  Knowledgeable staff and friendly personnel

ü  Long warranty

Each of the technicians hired by the company knows the employee handbook, which is considered their bible as they perform their duties. They are also required to memorize the safety manual to protect not just themselves but the clients, as well.

The company only hires the best in the industry. The technicians are fully certified by the state, which means they finished all the required number of hours of training, as well as passed the tests given by the certification board.

One principle that The Conair Group operates by is to always treat its employees right. They are amply insured and also well compensated. This allows them to do their tasks with pride and integrity.  Each worker knows that they are an extension of the brand.

The technicians are trained to take the initiative when faced with a challenge. They are trained to be the ultimate problem-solvers.

Whenever they go out to provide service to the customers, they become ambassadors of The Conair Group. They are expected to comport to a certain conduct to make sure they don’t damage the good name that the company built for years.

HVAC Franchise Opportunity

Meanwhile, The Conair Group has announced that it’s opening itself to franchise opportunities. The potential partners will get access to an established operational model that has been proven for the past 55 years.

The successful model allows franchisees to quickly build their equity through the protected territory principle. The parent company will also provide initial incentives while collecting very low royalties. In terms of the operating cost, The Conair Group offers one of the lowest around. This allows the partners to recoup their investments and gain profits in the shortest possible time.

Open 24/7

The Conair Group specializes in emergency requests and a willingness to be available whenever and wherever the customer needs their services. This is why its lines are always open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and retains a full time call center and customer support team. The specialists can be at your doorsteps within the hour of the emergency call, depending on the traffic and distance.  The mobile van is equipped with all the cutting-edge equipment to deal with the defective HVAC on site. They don’t have to come back to the company headquarters to get more tools to fix the problem.


For more information on the Conair business and the HVAC Franchise model, visit the corporate site:

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