Get That Celebrity-Like Hair Color Though Papillon Blanc’s Balayage Service

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Get That Celebrity-Like Hair Color Though Papillon Blanc’s Balayage Service


Get That Celebrity-Like Hair Color Though Papillon Blanc’s Balayage Service


If you envy the gorgeous and natural-looking highlights of Hollywood celebrities as they strut on the red carpet, know that you can have the same sun-kissed locks by getting true balayage service at Papillon Blanc’s Hair Salon. Balayage is a hair coloring technique that is steadily growing in popularity all over the world because it does not only result in gorgeous-looking but damage-free hair.


When it comes to providing a true balayage service, Papillon Blanc Hair Salon beats the competition as it is one of the pioneering balayage hair salons in Birmingham. Every hair stylist and colorist in this salon are trained and experienced in the balayage technique as salon founder, Eda Mocka, ensures that her team could deliver the best balayage hair to their clients.


What Makes Balayage Remarkable


Balayage hair coloring technique originated in France. The name literally means “sweep” in French as the method involves coloring sweeping sections of hair lightly to create a shade that looks natural rather than stripy as can be experienced in conventional highlights.


Papillon Blanc specializes in providing the balayage service because their mission goes beyond hair coloring. This hair coloring establishment believes that hair coloring and styling should not only impact a client’s physical beauty but enhance and empower her whole self as well. The balayage technique is consistent with this mission since its results highlight a woman’s beautiful features and complement her skin tone. A hair colored using the balayage method looks softer, bouncier, and gorgeously alive.


If you are used to undergoing traditional highlight treatments using foils and the application of heat, you may not be aware that you are actually damaging your hair. Repeatedly wrapping the hair in foil while applying bleach and heat will eventually lead to dry and brittle hair strands. Considering these negative effects of traditional coloring, Papillon Blanc refuses to subject their clients to such harmful consequences.


Balayage does not use foils or heat but rather the color is painted on freehand and dried naturally to prevent damaging the hair. Applying the hair color though hand painting also has additional aesthetic benefits – the colorist can choose placements that would best suit your haircut and facial features to make the final effect more natural looking.


If you are bothered by the tedious maintenance of your traditional highlights, Papillon Blanc Hair Salon’s balayage hair coloring technique will give you the break that you need since it requires little maintenance because your hair will grow out beautifully with no strong regrowth lines.


Many women who have tried Papillon Blanc’s balayage services couldn’t help but share their experiences on social media. “Absolute best hair experience I’ve ever had at a salon,” posts Lexi G’Bridge. “If you’re looking for quality balayage, this is your place,” writes Clare McMillan. “… was really skeptical about getting my hair colored for the first time… but my experience at this place was far beyond my expectations,” shares Aswathy Abraham.


If you want to experience gorgeous and natural looking highlighted locks, trust Papillon Blanc Hair Salon. Apart from their satisfying balayage service, PB Hair also offers incredible perks to appreciate their customers so call them for an appointment today.


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