You Suck Vapes Does its Part to Raise Awareness on Breast Cancer

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You Suck Vapes Does its Part to Raise Awareness on Breast Cancer


You Suck Vapes Does its Part to Raise Awareness on Breast Cancer

Oklahoma-based You Suck Vapes is doing its part for breast cancer awareness by launching a product called the “Pink Titty.”

Breast cancer ranks high on the list of preventable deaths yet the disease still claims thousands of lives in the United States every year.

According to the statistics, almost 41,000 women will die from breast cancer in 2018. By the end of the year, there would have been 266,120 new cases of invasive tumors that will be diagnosed among women in the US.

For invasive breast cancer, 1 in 8 of women in the country will be diagnosed with the condition during their lifetime.

Although some people may claim that the name is vulgar and course, it was meant to be that way. The name is in-your-face and confrontational so people will sit up and take notice. Breast cancer is not supposed to be pretty.

The Pink Titty is a combination of watermelon, blackberries, cotton candy, and peaches.


Over 100 Products to Choose From

However, if a hint of fruits and cotton candy is not your thing, You Suck Vapes has over 100 e-juice flavors to choose from.

The flavors range from the classic tobacco, desserts, cereals, and fruit flavors. There are also e-juices that are nicotine-free.

Some of the signature flavors of You Suck Vapes are the Unicorn Milk, so-called because of the combination of flavor of strawberry cheesecake—a blend that people don’t believe exists—the Caramel Cappuccino, which is a coffee-based vape; Caramel Butter Cheesecake; Dew Water, which is a blend of Honeydew and Watermelon; and WHB (which is simply watermelon bubblegum).

Mystery Box

Customers may subscribe to the mystery box offering of You Suck Vapes. The anticipation is part of the deal because you won’t know what you will be getting. By checking the basic requirements like the nicotine strength, your favorite flavor profiles, and the flavors you absolutely detest, the company will fill up the box to be sent over to you.

You may choose from a box worth $50 up to $1,000 worth of e-juices, vapes, accessories, and merchandise. However, you will definitely get more products more than the retail value with each box.


House Blend Shake-N-Vape

The Shake-N-Vape flavors range from breakfast, candy, desserts, drinks, fruits, and tobacco. Among the flavors under this brand are 3CPO (caramel hazelnut tobacco), Berry Crunch (sweet berries and milk), Ann’s Cheesecake (a secret recipe of strawberry cheesecake), Blue Razzenade (lemonade and tart raspberry), God Tier (strawberry and marshmallow), Cherry BJ (strawberry bubblegum), Sex On The Beach (perfect for vaping while you are relaxing by the ocean), and the Charlie Sheen, which is a blend of sour apple, tiger’s blood, and strawberries.

The advantage of You Suck Vapes is its commitment to invest in R&D in order to develop more unique products and flavors for the market. All the house blends are sold under the patented Shake-N-Vape brand. Its laboratory has been awarded ISO-7 for the highest quality, safety, and hygiene. Each ingredient is carefully handpicked and distilled to extract the flavor and deliver what each product promises.


For more information on the You Suck Vapes brand and business model, visit the corporate site:


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