Poke Burri Claims the Number 2 Spot in Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat in Atlanta

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Poke Burri Claims the Number 2 Spot in Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat in Atlanta

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Poke Burri Claims the Number 2 Spot in Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat in Atlanta



July 2018- Yelp recently announced its “Top 50 Places to Eat in Atlanta” for 2018 and Poke Burri easily secured the number 2 spot. Poke Burri has always prided itself to being Atlanta’s best place for poke and sushi burritos and now you do not have to take their word for it since the majority of the city’s foodies have already spoken and acknowledged this fact.

Yelp, a popular crowd-sourced review forum completed its Top 50 places to eat list for the year so that everyone can fully enjoy the summer as they savor the food offerings of Atlanta’s best restaurants. The roster included a wide variety of popular food establishments in the city that offers different menus ranging from savory char kway teow to sweet and satisfying peachtree cobbler French toast.


What It Means to Be on Top of the List


You may have read articles on magazines declaring certain restaurants as a “Must-Go-To-Places” but you end up disappointed the moment you try them out. If you think that the Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat list is similar to this, know that you can trust the Yelp’s list since the results were measured based on the reviews and star ratings given by customers who actually visited and dined in the restaurants.

What makes the Yelp’s list more credible is the fact that none of the “raters” were paid, influenced, or knew that their comments and ratings would be considered to come up with the roster of best places to eat in Atlanta. This means that their rating and assessment of the food, service, and general ambiance of the restaurant is unbiased and honest. Moreover, even the establishments were unpretentious and are simply carrying out their usual business.

The fact that Poke Burri is not only included in the list but has even claimed the number 2 spot says a lot about the quality of their food and how they treat their customers. It is important to note that Poke Burri’s average rating at Yelp is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Take note further that this “best place for poke and sushi burritos in Atlanta” was not rated by just a handful of people but by over 250 customers. 

“Poke Burri never disappoints. My go-to food items are the sushi doughnuts and dumplings. Great service and always accommodating of special requests” commented Betsy R. who also gave Poke Burri 5 stars on Yelp. “This place was delicious.  If you are a sushi enthusiast, then you must give it a try, wrote Lisa P. on Yelp’s review page, giving Poke Burri another 5-star rating. These are just two of the hundreds of positive comments you can read on Yelp about Poke Burri’s amazing food selection and friendly service.

If you are craving for freshly made and delicious poke bowls, sushi burritos, and sushi donuts served in a variety of ways, make sure to drop by Poke Burri and experience why the place has been rated as one of the “Top 50 Places to Eat in Atlanta”.



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