Figurella: Changing the Way We View Weightloss

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Figurella: Changing the Way We View Weightloss

Figurella: Changing the Way We View Weightloss

If you’re looking for a great way to work out that is innovative, effective and unique, Figurella is for you. Founded over 35 years ago, Figurella is Fitness and Spa is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation and has the validation behind it to prove the system works. The brand originated in Italy but have since moved into locations in South America and other parts of the world. In fact, the Figurella franchise has over 150 centers in South America alone. The process is unique and different from what you might expect from a fitness center, but it is proven effective. Many women have changed their lives based on what they have done with Figurella!

The Figurella method is a science-based method that is proven to help you lose inches and weight while focusing on toning, detox, and the reduction of cellulite. Figurella employs a three-step method that provides long-term results by increasing metabolism. Figurella is not a place where you come in, work out alone on some equipment you don’t quite know how to operate and then go home. They utilize Personal Assistants who help you at every step of the way, at each workout. The Personal Assistants instruct you and motivate you to give you the best possible experience and results.

Figurella uses patented equipment unique to their method. The Bubble Workout and the Oxygen Detox Bath in combination with the Personal Assistants are just what you need to look and feel your best!

The Incredible Figurella Bubble Workout

The main focus of the Bubble Workout is to help you lose inches and burn fat. The bubble is a thermogenic machine that maximizes your metabolic rate. While in the Bubble, you will use resistance bands and low impact movements to help you get toned in a specific area of your body. You use the Bubble for 30 minutes each session, which equals an hour and a half at the gym! This is due to the Bubble being set at a controlled temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the best for burning fat and getting your body into fat burning status.

SpaShell Systems – Weightloss that Works

The purpose of the Spashell is to increase your metabolism and help you detox, as well as improve circulation and increase skin elasticity. You will complete the SpaShell after your Bubble workout. The detox bath provides 72 hours of a metabolism boost and improves your blood circulation, as well as purifying your body. You will have a short shower with an oxygen producing chamber afterward which only adds to the relaxing experience. The SpaShell leaves you feeling energized and ready to take on the day!

Other Weight Loss and Fitness Services

As a Figurella client, you may choose from other services as well to go along with the incredible, results-driven workouts.  Everything at Figurella is done with professional, client-centric focus and Personal assistance to maximize experience and weight loss results. Figurella’s CelluShape is a lymphatic treatment that helps clients relax, detox, and get to their desired results much quicker. Figurella also offers nutrition services to help clients supplement their workouts with healthy food choices and create sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

If this workout plan sounds like something you’ve been looking for, locate a Figurella center near you and get started towards your health and fitness goals!  Great news also, Figurella has recently launched the U.S. franchise platform for the fitness and weight loss brand.  For more information, visit the franchise page here:


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