Gyro Chef: Taking the Food Truck Franchise to New Heights

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Gyro Chef: Taking the Food Truck Franchise to New Heights

Gyro Chef: Taking the Food Truck Franchise to New Heights

Have you always wanted to run your own restaurant or be a business owner and you’re trying to find a route to follow? It could be time to consider the newest franchise opportunity to hit the market with the Gyro Chef franchise. Since 2014, Ali Moradi has been running this very successful Mediterranean food business and is ready to partner with you to make the delicious cuisine available in more areas.  His menu, food products and ability to create positive customer experiences are incredible and always have excelled in the fixed location, traditional restaurant model, now the time has come to transition the Gyro Chef brand to mobile food truck offerings. 

Moradi has worked in the restaurant and Mediterranean kitchen for years and has quite a successful business he started in Atlanta, GA. Providing top-quality food choices and unbeatable service is what this Gyro Chef is all about. Check out below some of the amazing products, services, and opportunities awaiting you.

Quality Products that will have you Day Dreaming about your Lunch. 

This delicious food truck couldn’t call itself the Gyro Chef without its prize menu item the Gyro Sandwich. Customers can choose either the lamb or chicken version with a variety of condiments as well. There are other sandwich type options for those on lunch during the hectic workday or there are also options for platters to feed the office or corporate meeting.

Other quality items include a lighter menu option with a Greek Salad or the Mediterranean Rice Bowl that is a customer favorite. The food truck also provides a menu for the little ones so that there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy.  Take a look at the reviews from happy customers here:


Franchise Opportunities and Benefits of Working with Gyro Chef.

When it comes to owning a franchise of the Gyro Chef, you’re in for a real treat. In most franchise opportunities, you must pick a brick and mortar location and you’re tied to one specific area. You can’t move around to a better location without major hassle. One of the biggest advantages of the Gyro Chef franchise opportunity is that you’re mobile. If you are working on catering an event, your restaurant goes with you! You do not have to worry about forgetting necessary items back at the location because your location goes with you.

As a franchise owner, you’ll also receive invaluable help with starting up the business itself. There are ample opportunities right now for territories for your new food truck business. You’ll also receive support from start to finish in making sure you get your location up and running without a hitch.

You’ll receive support in your marketing strategy making sure that you are advertising properly and in the right avenues. You’ll also have support for the startup of the business, hiring employees, and learning the ins and outs of what makes the Gyro Chef a winning franchise choice. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that tried and true methods have already been used in the success of this company.

If you’re considering a new career opportunity, consider franchise opportunities with the Gyro Chef. This amazing food truck business provides you a brand name that is already well known and loved, ample support from start to finish, and a great mobile business that really makes the sky the limit on your success.

Contact us today if you’re ready to investigate more on this fabulous opportunity to join and partner together with a winning mobile brand.

For more information on the Gyro Chef Food Truck Franchise, visit the franchise page:

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