Kitchens Redefined: Omaha’s Premier Kitchen Remodeling Service

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Kitchens Redefined: Omaha’s Premier Kitchen Remodeling Service

Kitchens Redefined: Omaha’s Premier Kitchen Remodeling Service

Kitchens Redefined is a remodeling company that seeks to provide high-quality repainting, refinishing, and replacement services at affordable costs. This leading Omaha remodeling company has had more than six decades consistently helping its clients get the kind of home transformation that they have been dreaming about.

Kitchen Remodeling That Adds Value to Your Home

Kitchens Redefined has a wide range of high quality and affordable remodeling options for homeowners. Whether you want to change your working surface, refinish or replace cabinets, add a new kitchen backsplash, the company will provide the service with minimal interruptions and delays. You can choose from a wide range of colors and stains to get the kitchen transformation you’ve always desired.

Cabinet Refacing – a Low Cost and Incredible Way to Make A Kitchen look Great

If your cabinets are old and worn out, you can reface them at the fraction of the cost it will take to replace. By refacing rather than replacing you can reduce the cost by more than 50%. Kitchen Redefined can apply a new layer of wood or veneer to your old cabinets and the drawer faces and have the doors removed and replaced as well. Refacing will allow your cabinets to last longer at a fraction of the cost. Given its low cost, this option has a high return on investment compared to replacement.

Another advantage of refacing rather than replacing is that there are minimal interruptions to your day to day life as a homeowner. Having had decades of experience in kitchen remodeling the company recognizes the importance of ensuring their service is not intrusive. Staff will remove cabinet and drawer faces to have them refinished at their studio. This ensures that there is no significant mess that results from the remodeling work and will only need to spend a relatively short period of time in your home.

Cabinet Replacing – Overhaul for Incredible Kitchen Look and Feel

There are times when cabinet refacing may not be a good idea. For example, the structure of your kitchen cabinets may be beyond repair. It could also be that you have cabinets that cannot be refaced due to the impracticality of working with certain materials such as metal. The company has staff that can advise you on the options. There are times when homeowners think they need a replacement when a reface would do just fine.

Kitchens Redefined has a professional design team that can present you with the options before the project commences. They will show you the different price levels for different remodeling jobs and they can work with you to find a replacement that is within your budget.

Kitchen Backsplash – Simple Cosmetic Updates

A kitchen backsplash can dramatically transform the look of your kitchen. Kitchens Redefined has a wide range of colors, textures, and designs for clients looking for an affordable customized kitchen backsplash service. There is a wide range of materials to choose from, from tiles to metal, as well as many other materials that can be combined to get the custom look you want.

The company has a team of highly qualified professionals who are experienced in various aspects of kitchen remodeling. They work closely with clients to provide a personalized service that will ensure that homeowners get exactly what they requested. With high-quality low-cost services and excellent customer care the company has attracted new loyal clients and has managed to remain Omaha’s premier kitchen and bath remodeling company.


Great news, the Kitchen’s Redesigned brand is taking the model nationwide with a simple, structured and effective franchise model allowing others to get a business of their own and provide great services to more people. 


For more information on the wide range of incredible kitchen remodeling services and cabinet refacing services, visit the corporate site:

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