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Bark Life Market and More

Bark Life Market and More

Bark Life Market was created by Mike and Tammy Vasquez as a way of offering quality services for pet owners and an experience that keeps people coming back. This caring couple realized a need for providing a safe place for pet owners to bring their pets for grooming services and exceptional food choices for dogs of all size, as well as cats. The pet market has evolved to a point where pets are another member of people’s families and everyone wants only the best possible care and attention for their family members.  They noticed that many other pet stores only offered a limited variety of products and they wanted to fill that need, thus began Bark Life. Mike and Tammy wanted a place where pet owners could bring their pets for grooming and other services and the owners could rest easy knowing their pets are in good hands. The Vasquez’ family created an in and out grooming service which allowed for convenience and professional, courteous service all in one offering. Mike and Tammy, being dog owners and pet lovers themselves, they understand that for many people and families, pets are also family members and people want their pets treated as such by others, which is exactly what Bark Life sets out to do for each and every pet that comes through the doors. Bark Life is so much more than a pet store, it’s a family.  As the business has grown, so too has the culture and theme of Bark Life, it really has become a way of life for customers.  As the brand has expanded, The Vasquez family have developed a branded line of apparel, products and fashionable items which exemplify the Bark Life way of living.  Customers and friends now can show off their love and affection for Bark Life through shirts, hats, stickers and other items which are offered through the retail locations. 


Services and Products that Offer Excellent Value.

Bark Life provides its customers with a variety of services and products that have been developed and carefully selected in order to best fit customer’s needs. Bark Life offers the best, highest-quality pet food and treats that are available on the market.  Pet owners come to Bark Life because they know they can trust what the brand has to offer, the research and fact-finding has already been done so they don’t have to.  Owners can be sure they are feeding their pets the healthiest and best foods possible, receiving the best care during their grooming visits and always being treated with respect and gratitude. All of the Bark Life foods and treats meet the current safety and health standards so customers can be confident that their pet is getting only the best products and services available. At Bark Life, the company understands the importance of a pet looking and feeling their best, but also making grooming your pet easy and convenient to fit into today’s busy schedules. That is why Bark Life offers cage-free grooming experiences for our pet customers from our convenient in and out grooming service model.  Bark Life offers appointments for grooming, which allows us to create a stress free environment for customer’s pets, as well as ample time to deliver the highest quality grooming services for each pet. At Bark Life, the staff consists of pet lovers and has been trained in all of the products and services. The Bark Life Staff are not traditional retail clerks, they are concierges who support customers in making better decisions and helping educate them on pet services and products which could benefit their family member. 


Pet Adoption is part of the Bark Life Culture

Bark Life also believes that every animal should find a forever home, a home where the owners love and care for their pets and treat them like family members. That is why Bark Life locations host adoption events whenever possible.  The Bark Life family believes in the importance of promoting pet adoption and truly enjoys and loves being a part of those experiences.  These events also embed Bark Life as a part of the communities we operate our stores in, people trust and know us because we care. 


The Pet Services Franchise Model

With growth, success and raving fans, the Bark Life brand has been driven to expand the model into new markets with the winning formula in place.  The market, opportunity and expanding client base are all testaments to why Bark Life has franchised.  When you visit a Bark Life location, you are walking into a family of pet lovers who are here for customers and understand how important pets are in people’s lives. Bark Life strives to create an experience and environment that supports pets and customers and keeps people coming back because they feel welcomed and cared for.


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