Finelines Specially Designed Automotive Paint Repair Services

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Finelines Specially Designed Automotive Paint Repair Services


Finelines Specially Designed Automotive Paint Repair Services

Finelines was founded by Dennis Johnson who is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in the automotive paint repair industry. With more than twenty years of his life invested in perfecting his unique and simple process, he has developed a business that brings professionalism and artistry to the automotive industry.  The highly detailed process of painting cars and trucks has now been transformed into the leading solution for high-quality paint repair for dealerships across the nation.


How the Finelines Auto Painting Service Works

Imagine taking a skilled trade and perfecting every single detail into an easy to learn and step by step breakdown so that you can create the same quality every time.  This is what Finelines has created with specially designed and unique paint repair services.  However, instead of searching for customers and spending money on marketing, Finelines goes directly to the dealerships that already have a need for the restoration and touch-up services.  This is achieved by utilizing an existing clientele of the dealerships.  These dealerships can then use the services that Finelines offer and with a larger selling price.


Finelines Process and System

Finelines is headquartered in Tampa, Florida that offers mobile and onsite paint and bodywork.  Their clients include some of the largest automotive dealerships of both new and used vehicles.  Finelines auto paint services work with each dealership to provide easy and hassle-free bodywork solutions to the vehicles on their lot. 


Finelines Services Available

  • Specially Designed Touch Up Paint Repair.  A unique process that is backed by twenty years of industry experience.  Designed to handle the most severe dings, scratches, dents, or blemishes with having to completely repaint the entire car.  This process is non-invasive to existing areas of the vehicle that will immediately add restore value to any car or truck
  • Complete Auto Paint Restoration.  Finelines has a complete body shop located in Florida for cars that need a completely new paint job.  Every technician is certified by Finelines industry leading practices.
  • Auto Paint Recovery.  Removes wear and tear from sun damage, rain, snow, and wind.  Wet sanding buffing away years of damage to make the car shine like it is brand new.
  • Light Body Work.  Works to repair minor dents without removing any panels from the vehicle.  Easily corrects damage from door dings and rocks.
  • Mobile Service Technicians.  Conveniently arrive at dealerships to provide immediate onsite restoration and correction.


Highly Trained and Mobile Staff

Each technician that is employed with the Finelines team has been trained by the principles and guidelines developed by the founder, Dennis.  Technicians are also trained to provide immediate and convenient onsite service.  When a dealership has a vehicle they need to be restored, Finelines highly skilled technicians come to you.  Dealerships don’t have the time or the money to send each vehicle to the body shop.  By having a mobile technician arrive onsite the dealerships are able to reduce the risks of liability while having inventoried vehicles on the road.  Mobile technicians also eliminate the need for their own service technicians to leave the repair shop.


For more information on Finelines Auto Painting or the Finelines Auto Painting franchise, visit the corporate site here:


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