Services Offered by Property Investors

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Services Offered by Property Investors

Services Offered by Property Investors

Selling a home is a more complex process than one would expect. A homeowner pays a ton of money to realtors to sell their property and in so doing, eats into their potential profits. Property Investors acknowledges this and offers homeowners the chance to sell their homes without needing third parties. With us, you get all your profits intact and you don’t have to spend too much time trying to get your home on the market.

Traditional Listings Vs. the Property Investors Model

Traditionally, you will hire a real estate agent, take them through your home and leave them to start the process of selling it. While they do take the paperwork from your hands and make it feel like they are doing all the heavy lifting – and that they do – it comes at a steep price. You will be paying about 6% of your final check to them. If you made $300,000 from the sale, then they take a cool $18,000. Too much, isn’t it? Well, Property Investors realizes how much this money is and how much better it would be if it remained with you, hence this new way of doing business. We help you sell your home fast and we eliminate the need for real estate agents so you can save your money.

Go Through the Process and Get the Help You Need

Because Property Investors is an established strong brand, we give your house more visibility. We will require that you contact us to let us know of your intentions to sell and to tell us more about your property. At this stage, you will fill an online form and someone from Property Investors will get back to you.

Before making an offer for your property, we make a visit to see the condition of the house as well as changes that need to be made for it to be on the market. We also look at the urgency of cash when appraising a property to enable us to reach a final price that is fair to both you and us as we will be reselling the property. Note that we charge nothing this far and we make all the appraisals in a fair manner.

Wide Range of Services

Property Investors not only buys residential homes, but condos, office buildings, beach property, and duplexes as well. Even if the property you are selling has a renter in it, we could buy it or sell it for you then take care of the renters without breaching the contract.

Property Investors is also offering a franchise opportunity that is ideal for those interested in getting a slice of the action in the lucrative real estate industry. The business model is tried and tested, and the industry is a sure guarantee to break even in a short period. The return on investment is handsome and appealing, and even better is the fact that an entrepreneur does not have to start from the ground.

Working with Property Investors removes a headache involved in selling a home, and cuts off real estate agents, in effect saving a homeowner thousands of dollars. The traditional way of selling a home is now outdated and now homeowners can make all the decisions.


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