Foxtail Coffee, Amazing Coffee That Is.

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Foxtail Coffee, Amazing Coffee That Is.

Foxtail Coffee, Amazing Coffee That Is.  

Foxtail Coffee, what a find, what an incredible find.  Lurking in Central Florida, this up and coming brand brings something special to the way you drink coffee and enjoy your caffeine, in my opinion, I think the Foxtail coffee is second to none. I just wouldn’t settle for anything less, I’m a pretty snobby coffee drinker.  Do you know that the best coffee in the world starts with the best beans we can find? Here’s some more information on the amazing Foxtail Coffee brand.

The Origins and Background of Foxtail. 

The Foxtail brand began with sourcing Arabica coffee beans from organic farms all over the world. Foxtail’s leadership team chose to import Arabica beans, which originated in Yemen and Ethiopia, because we know that our customers prefer coffee with a high acidity rate. That high acidity rate means that the coffee has notes of berries, sugar and other fruits. Some of Foxtail’s customers say that the coffee tastes has the same notes as a great wine. Foxtail has covered all the bases and makes sure that the beans are ethically sourced and ethically grown. Foxtail Coffee makes sure that the coffee beans are bought batch by batch, which means they can assure the coffee stays high quality and always an amazing experience. We even have a series of quality control measures to assure fabulous coffee beans make it to the stores.

The Foxtail Coffee Process

Having Iain as a co-owner means that the company has the benefit of all of his expertise with regard to the grinding and roasting along with the logistics of delivering the best possible product to the lips of Foxtail customers. Foxtail uses the best grinders in the business; in fact, they have become so popular, and customers have asked for them so much, the brand has added the grinders and roasters to the new online store. Iain isn’t happy until our beans are roasted to perfection, so you can be assured that our coffee is top of the line. Iain wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Foxtail Coffee Experience

Foxtail doesn’t offer as many varieties as other coffeehouses, but what the company does offer is top quality and handcrafted beverages. Foxtail does both cold and hot brews, and offers coffee mugs and coffee flavors in the stores. Customers know that when they get a Foxtail Coffee, it is the best product that could possibly be made. Foxtail even offers roasting classes so that customers can get a look at the unique and delicate process. Foxtail is obviously so passionate about the business, there is a myriad of high quality and amazing coffee-themed gear just to celebrate the wonder that is coffee. If you are looking for a franchise opportunity, you should look no further, especially if you are into coffee. Let Foxtail Coffee give you more information about franchising into one of the fastest growing businesses in Central Florida.

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