Franchise Conduit a New Platform that Connects Franchisors with Franchisees

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Franchise Conduit a New Platform that Connects Franchisors with Franchisees

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May 2017


Franchise Conduit a New Platform that Connects Franchisors with Franchisees

Franchise Conduit is an online platform that provides valuable information for entrepreneurs looking to either buy or sell a franchise. The website was created after it was observed most entrepreneurs spent a lot of time looking for partners to help them start or expand their business.

The main goal of the platform is to match the right buyer and the right seller to facilitate mutual gain. Information you need about a particular business is easily accessible on the platform. From businesses listed in a wide range of categories and information on the requirements of the franchise. The site has officially launched and there are already hundreds of franchise listings to consider. Here’s how franchise sellers and buyers can benefit by using the website.


Finding Information

If you want to buy a franchise you can start by using the search feature on the website. There are more than a hundred listings in different categories. If you are looking for a pet franchise for example, you’ll get the available listings on the search results page of the site. You can also do an advanced search to find listings in your local area. 

There are tens of categories listed on the platform. From hair and beauty, Cleaning and maintenance, Computer and internet, pet services, transportation, real estate, restaurant and almost all major categories of businesses you can find. You can go to low cost, high capital, or home based categories to find franchise listings with that criterion. Are you a veteran looking for a suitable franchise? You can find what you’ve been looking for on the website from the comfort of your home.

Each listing contains information about the franchise:

  • Initial investment required for the franchise
  • Franchise fee
  • Short review of the franchise
  • Financing options
  • Whether the franchise offers training and support
  • Key Personnel you need to have on your team


Information and Transparency

Franchise conduit seeks to provide unbiased information for buyers and sellers. Most online businesses hardly provide the same level of objective and unbiased information because their platforms are designed to promote businesses rather inform.

The platform prides itself at being one of the few that provides quality information for franchisers and franchisees. When the information is provided in an unbiased fashion everyone is satisfied after the transaction is made. Professionalism is important in sustaining the business and ensuring all visitors to the platform get exactly what they were looking for.

Support for Franchisees

Franchise Conduit is run by a team that is very conversant with the franchise business. They understand the intricacies of the business having worked for years in the industry. The platform presents a whole package of opportunities to facilitate faster and complete transactions for both buyers and sellers.

The platform offers a full suite of features and tools. Under tools and advice you can find information financial assistance, franchise consultants, franchise expos and associations. In case you cannot find what you’ve been looking for, you can contact Franchise Conduit and the team will assist you.


For more information, visit the Franchise Conduit site directly:



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