Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration Service

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Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration Service

Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration Service 

The world can be an uncertain place, full of burst pipes, rain storms, and unpredictable fires. It is known that when life’s not-so-pleasant surprises hit, consumers want a company that they can depend on to get them back on track and on the path to normal as quickly as possible. That’s why Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration (GEDR) was created. They are one of the industry’s go-to companies for all things restoration. They are bringing a new franchise offering to interested and qualified candidates to bring this trusted brand to the rest of the nation!

When smoke, fire, mold, water, or storms hit a home or business, consumers look to GEDR, an industry leader with over 30 years of experience. As their social media reviews and positive customer feedback attest to, they deliver an effective and efficient experience to get a building or structure back to its original gleam quickly. More than just a business, they deliver peace of mind to their clients, fixing a residential or commercial property in a timely fashion, getting each client back to their house or office quickly. 

The franchise marketplace is beckoning for businesses like GEDR. The company works directly with the insurance providers of their clientele to streamline the restoration process. Franchisees of GEDR are gifted a turn-key operation, complete with operational, marketing, purchasing, accounting, and legal support. GEDR also thoroughly trains its franchisees within their standards and continues to be available for additional support as needed. This profitable franchise offering is affordable at an average investment of $102,575.

The restoration industry is always in need. This brand has been built on a firm foundation since 2008 and continues to grow. If you are a motivated entrepreneurial-hopeful who would like to join a company that has solidified its reputation through exceptional results, professional services, and quick turn-around times, then contact GEDR today for more information. Visit their website at

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