GOLOCAL:  A Marketing Platform Focused on Results. 

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GOLOCAL:  A Marketing Platform Focused on Results. 

GOLOCAL:  A Marketing Platform Focused on Results. 

Service quality is everything in any organization. It is a key determinant in whether a business will succeed or not. GoLocal understands this all too well. And that is why creative and successful ways of meeting the needs of clients are at the forefront of the company. In a committed effort to service delivery and exceeding customer expectations, GoLocal helps both small and medium-sized businesses get the best marketing solution via text messaging.

Why Use Text Messaging for Your Marketing Campaigns?

As more and more brands look for ways to target customers who are on the go, SMS is fast becoming an essential marketing tool. However, few marketing agencies have adopted SMS marketing as their core offering making them miss out on increased ROI and customer communication.

Contrary to popular belief among organizations, mobile marketing campaign does not require huge investments in mobile apps. The truth is SMS marketing allows organizations to personalize communication to target customers. Of course, this has to include protection of customer privacy via legal requirements that give customers the right to opt in or out.

When it comes to this kind of communication, companies are encouraged to facilitate two-way messaging between the organization and mobile users. In this way, they will be able to entrench their brand in the mind of existing and potential customers in a wider scope.

This post aims to explain the benefits of incorporating SMS texting as part of your organization’s marketing strategy.

It Is an Immediately Effective Marketing Channel

Text messaging is a direct channel of communication and a powerful one at that. Research shows in just 15 minutes of message delivery, messages have a 97% read rate. You can rest easy knowing your time-sensitive communication will be read almost immediately.

With a 45% chance of generating successful ROI, SMS campaigns are worth including in your company’s marketing strategy. Research reveals that when used together with popular channels such as social media and email, the percentage reached 50%. Impressive right. GoLocal will make this a reality for your business.

Customer Engagement and Measureable Results

Text messaging enhances the way your business interacts with your customers throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Creative messaging is important in keeping your customers engaged. Let GoLocal show you how to achieve this.

Flexible Platform and a Marketing System that Works. 

With text messaging, you can send the entire customer list SMS messages or you can profile and send texts to your target customers. Whatever choice you make, GoLocal will help you customize your SMS campaigns to your subscribers’ needs. The beauty of text messaging campaigns is that they can be molded to the needs of your business.

The Rate of Conversion is Significant

Text messages have a really high subscriber action rate. Whether your business is having a contest or promotion, you can rely on GoLocal to give you the best of both worlds. The action taken after text messaging your customers is more compared to other promotion or marketing strategies.  With text messaging, your business will not have to worry about email filters or spam unlike other marketing campaigns like emails which have their fair share of problems. SMS messaging is direct and you will not have to battle with any barriers.


For more information on the GoLocal Marketing System, visit the corporate site:   https://www.golocal.technology


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