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Great Kayak Excursions with Get Up and Go Kayaking

Justin Buzzi describes himself as an adventure seeker and nature lover, this passion and excitement was the core of what drove him to start the Get Up and Go Kayak franchise. A graduate of UCF college of business specializing in marketing, he started Get Up and Go Kayaking as a guide with only a few boats. As more people started to take an interest, the demand drove him to hire qualified guides and streamline business processes to ensure customers got the best Kayaking experience.

The Kayak Tour Unique Difference

Take a fun and exciting tour with Get Up and Go Kayaking either during the day, sunset, or night time with specially designed transparent kayaks. Kayaks made of GETM LexanTM, the polycarbonate resin material used for bulletproof glass. The plastic is impact resistant and is known for its optical properties giving you maximum visibility underwater when cruising down the stream.

Daytime Paddling and Incredible Service

You can paddle gently upstream at Rock Stream starting at King’s Landing located in Apopka, Florida. Whether a beginner or intermediate a guide will be with you through the excursion and can show you the deeper waters where you can take a swim and enjoy the warm crystal waters. You can expect to see a lot of turtles and a few alligators as you paddle through the spring-fed river. There are also lots of beautiful birds and fish to see.

Bioluminescent Tour

Experience the fun, romantic, and awe-inspiring Bioluminescent Tour at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Bioluminescence refers to the tendency of certain aquatic species to emit light when they sense movement. Certain fish also reflect light and may seem like shooting stars underwater. You can spot the Indian River Lagoon which occasionally puffs and sends off hundreds of glittering waves with glowing spots that look like fireflies through the night time waters as you paddle.

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is a 144,000-acre natural habitat that is home to more than 500 species of wildlife. Here you may get a chance to spot the spectacular comb jellies during the colder months from October through May. Manatee and dolphin populations are also known to come out often during the excursions. For the best sights, you are advised to take a tour during nights when there is no moon or during the full moon.

Winter Park, Florida

Take a two-hour tour through three of the Winter Park lakes. Through the clear kayaks, you can see water springs underneath. The tour guide will point out all the flora and fauna dotting the lake as you enjoy paddling through the Venetian style canals.

Kayak Tour Guides

Guides are skilled, highly informed and experienced.  Get Up and Go Kayaking is committed to maintaining the consistency of the experience. by adhering to the highest level of professionalism and to safety processes.

There’s always a professional for you whether you are a beginner or expert at kayaking. This is a great place to start if it is your first time. The guide will ensure you proceed at a pace your comfortable with. They are highly informed and will point out all the great spots to see animals, take a swim, or see the beautiful nighttime aquatic sea creatures. Kayaks can handle two people at a time. Maximum weight for each seat is 245 pounds and kayaks can hold maximum of 415 pounds. Tours with groups can include up to 5 kayaks or 10 people per trip.

Has anyone ever seen reviews like these?  Just out of this world!

Get Up and Go Kayaking just launched a kayak franchise marketing system to duplicate the successful business into new markets.  This seems like one of the most innovative, cool and fresh ideas to franchise in a long time.  What a lifestyle franchise!  Hopefully this kayak franchise takes off and they can open a location near me, I LOVE this concept!

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