Pie in the Sky Pie Co. Great Service and a Wide Variety of Freshly Made Foods

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Pie in the Sky Pie Co. Great Service and a Wide Variety of Freshly Made Foods

Pie in the Sky Pie Co. Great Service and a Wide Variety of Freshly Made Foods

Pie in the Sky Pie Co. is an eatery that functions as a bakery and a café. This unique establishment has been a source of freshly baked pies, cakes, sweets, and sandwiches to residents of Conroe, Texas, for more than 10 years.

Besides making fresh pies and cakes every day, the eatery offers a wide variety of menu items. On the menu, you have various options from casseroles, sandwiches, fruits and of course delicious pies and cakes. The eatery prepares American classics with a modern touch. Whether you are looking for sumptuous options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Pie in the Sky Pie Co. will have it fresh and ready for you every day.

Interior Design, Experience and Great Customer Service

The restaurant has a great atmosphere and ambiance. The eatery has a colorful artsy and uniquely set décor. The dining area is quiet and also very clean and tidy. Being an eatery that prepares fresh food daily, the interior is cool and always at the right temperature.

When you walk in, you’ll place your order and wait to be served. At the entrance, there are three large menus – evidence of the wide variety of food on offer here. The staff is always warm and friendly. There is an inside dining area and a patio for outside seating. The eatery is pet-friendly so you can always bring your pup along.

The Food….Ohhhh the Food!

The restaurant has options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is available from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. For breakfast, you have options such as Dad’s plate which includes two eggs prepared according to your preference, a choice between sausage and bacon, and cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mayo. Dad’s plate ($7.50) is served along with potatoes, grit or fruit.

Another popular option for breakfast is the Kicked-Up French Toast ($8.50) it is Pie in the Sky’s version of the French toast. It is prepared with some of the in-house vanilla filling used for the restaurant’s banana cream pie. It also has thick Challah bread, whipped cream, berries and cream cheese. You can get the breakfast menu options on the weekend up to 3 p.m. with Pie in the Sky Pie Co. Weekend Brunch.

For lunch, the options are sandwiches, wraps, and pies. The chicken salad sandwich is one of the favorites. The chicken salad ($8.50) sandwich is served with avocado and lettuce, and you can choose to have it with a croissant or with a bed of lettuce.

Orders and Catering that Keeps Customers Coming Back for More. 

You can order online to pick up through the restaurant’s website. You can expect your order to be ready within 30 minutes. Pie in the Sky Pie Co. has many ideal options for lunch or supper at home, or sandwiches and wraps ideal for school field trips or you and your colleagues business lunch-ins.

Additionally, if you have private parties or corporate events, Pie in the Sky Pie Co. can prepare any of the delicious foods on its menu. They sell pies, sweets, and cakes wholesale on order. Pie in the Sky Co. can coordinate with you to prepare cakes, sweets, and pies to support fundraising events for schools, clubs, and organizations.


For more information on the Pie in the Sky offerings or the Pie Franchise Marketing System, visit the corporate site!



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