How GrassRoots Takes Care of Your Lawn and Your Family’s Health

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How GrassRoots Takes Care of Your Lawn and Your Family’s Health

How GrassRoots Takes Care of Your Lawn and Your Family’s Health

Lawns speak much about the property owner. A well-tended lawn provides not just a pleasing aesthetics, but also a healthy environment that benefits the residents and the community.

GrassRoots help property owners to achieve weed-free and pest-free lawns, creating the best environment for your family. If you want to give your properties a makeover, remember that you are not just putting in money to attract visitors or make an attractive place in the neighborhood. The most important thing is, you are providing your family and the community a better environment that promotes health.

Get to Know Grassroots Top Services

GrassRoots, a family-owned and operated company, understands the benefits of green spaces and a well-tended lawn to the community. That’s why they work hard to give only the best service in lawn maintenance.

GrassRoots have a team of experts and highly-skilled staff who can help you with the following:

  • Weed Control – GrassRoots service is customized with the clients’ grass type and the location’s topographical condition. Other company might also be charging extra for some services that are necessary for garden care, such as grub control, Dallisgrass control, brown patch control, armyworm control and fire ant control. But GrassRoots offer an inclusive program so you need not worry about anything.
  • Shrub Care – Shrubs and trees are part of the landscape in a property. GrassRoots offer a Tree & Shrub program that makes sure your trees and shrubs will thrive. The program has six applications to prevent damage on different types of trees and shrubs.
  • Core Aeration – GrassRoots offers Core Aeration to maintain a healthy lawn in most areas that have red clay. The clay makes it difficult for water, fertilizer, and oxygen to reach the roots, but with Core Aeration, small plugs of soil are removed to enable the roots to spread and grow stronger. Core Aeration is best undertaken every spring.
  • Mosquito Control – GrassRoots NoSkeetoz program ensures the protection of your family from mosquitoes. The program covers mosquito prevention and control from various life cycles. It has nine applications over the seven-month season and comes with GrassRoots unlimited service call guarantees.

Why Should You Get GrassRoots Care?

At GrassRoots, we also educate our clients as we consider you valuable team members.

Here are few reasons why we encourage our clients to take a serious look at lawn maintenance:

  • Plants cleanse the air we breathe – Plants are responsible for sequestering carbon dioxide on air and release it back in the form of oxygen. For instance, there is one study which shows that trees in the urban areas in the United States could collect 711,000 metric tons of air pollution annually.
  • Getting rid of weeds – Weeds do not only damage landscapes and create unattractive spots on your garden, they are also parasitic and takes the valuable nutrients that plants need like light, space, soil, and water. Proper lawn maintenance ensures that weed growth is placed under control.
  • Pests control – Well-planned garden maintenance also rids the property of unhealthy pests that can bring diseases.
  • Lawn grasses cool down the environment. Green gardens and well-maintained lawns do not just look refreshing. They also create a cooler environment as they decrease 50 percent of solar heat through cooling evaporation.

Give your lawns the best care you could only with GrassRoots. Our brand of service assures you that you are able to give the best environment to your family and the community.


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