The Importance of Mobility Equipment Maintenance and Repair

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The Importance of Mobility Equipment Maintenance and Repair


The Importance of Mobility Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Mobility City was founded out of the realization that people were in need of a professional, high quality service provider in the senior services market who could work with equipment specific to this service category.  Mobility equipment allows you to get around independently and do your daily activities without needing the help of other people. Some equipment is fairly inexpensive, however, many of them are costly meaning they need proper maintenance and repair to ensure they last longer. Properly maintaining mobility aids is not only crucial for saving cost, but also helps promote the quality of life of an individual with a disability. For example, having a working wheelchair means the individual can participate in their preferred community activities, get around their home, and keep their doctor’s appointments.


Common Problems with Mobility Equipment

Due to the constant use of mobility aids, they will wear out with time. The upholstery of wheelchairs may be damaged or worn out. It could also be ill-fitting creating a nagging problem whenever you use the equipment. The freewheel levers may lock making it difficult to use the equipment. When the battery drains, or if you want to manually operate a wheelchair, the freewheel comes in handy.   

Having battery problems is not uncommon with mobility equipment like wheelchairs and scooters. It could be an issue to do with the charge or you could have a battery that’s no longer holding a charge at all. Batteries deteriorate over time and you may have to replace them if they are damaged or not holding a charge. You could also have electrical faults with the equipment. Loose connections can mean the equipment doesn’t respond and it may fail to function as required. Depending on the type of mobility equipment you use, you may encounter different problems that need repair.  Regardless of the issue, Mobility City is there to provide great service quality, accountable work and a friendly face to help deal with an otherwise stressful situation. 


Keeping Mobility Equipment in Mint Conditions

From time to time, you will need to seek technicians to clean, repair, and service your mobility equipment. Preventive maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that you have equipment that is properly functioning. It also helps to lengthen the lifespan of the equipment. When your mobility equipment functions properly, it reduces the chances of having accidents and injuries. If you have equipment that is automatic, for example, wheelchairs, the brakes and anti-rollback parts should be checked routinely. Cleaning the equipment and waxing the frames can help ensure they remain in good working condition.


Seeking Qualified Technicians to Repair Mobility Equipment

You can’t hire any other person you find to repair your mobility equipment. Because some of these tools are costly, you don’t want to risk damaging them. Hiring a professional mobility equipment servicing and repair or maintenance company can help ensure you get quality services. The technicians will use the best parts that won’t wear out easily.

Whenever you call the technicians, they are at your doorsteps within a short time. This will make sure you are not stranded in your home or wherever you may be because you can’t find a technician who responds quickly. Mobility City is a renowned mobile repair and maintenance company for mobility equipment including power chairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, hospital beds, lift out chairs, and other mobility products. The technicians are highly trained and licensed to ensure you get quality services. Mobility City offers competitive prices for mobility products to give you incredible value for your money.


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