Harlem Zen:  Value of the Service and Experience for the Customer 

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Harlem Zen:  Value of the Service and Experience for the Customer 


Harlem Zen:  Value of the Service and Experience for the Customer 

Harlem Zen is not just another aesthetic/beauty company. They are not only the best in class, but also a business and brand with a focus on ethnic clientele and the multicultural consumer.  The Beauty market has long ignored the customer of color and lacked services or products that specifically focus on unique needs from this population segment. The business has become an expert in the ethnic skin care industry because to them, there’s no such thing as being only ‘good enough’ when serving their clients. 

With a team of professional experts, their skin care services are effective, and Harlem Zen is now a full-fledged franchise. 

For the business, skin care isn’t just about having smooth skin. It’s about transforming the lives of people. A fast-growing company with a progressive culture and excellent benefits that are unbeaten, becoming a Harlem Zen franchisee is the next best thing.

The Harlem Zen Business Model

The franchise development of Harlem Zen and the operations team provide comprehensive training and thorough assistance to help your business succeed. 

Harlem Zen provides state-of-the-art services which include laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, therapies, and facial treatments all under one roof. Their unique business model offers the best of both worlds: first-class services that create an unparalleled experience for their clients while providing steady revenue streams that ensure maximum profits and continued success for the franchisees. 

Harlem Zen’s Mission and Vision

The business aims to be the best in the skin care industry by providing outstanding customer service and delivering a personalized experience. 

Utilizing the best-trained staff and the latest technological advancements in the skin care industry, Harlem Zen guarantees the best results. The company is committed to fostering lifelong relationships with their customers and franchisees rooted in respect and trust. 

The Core Values of Harlem Zen

Harlem Zen’s core values govern the way in which they make decisions, work together, and deliver services. The business is keen on:

  • Wowing clients with top-notch customer service
  • Fulfilling commitments 
  • Consistency in the products and services provided
  • Collaboration to fuel innovation and build relationships
  • Respecting diversity 
  • Taking pride in what they do and who they are 
  • Embracing and encouraging fun and positivity

Incredible Customer Experience

Harlem Zen’s team of knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to offering their guests a memorable experience every time making sure they feel remarkable. 

While each client may get a different treatment, they all count on Harlem Zen for affordable therapies and treatment to deliver ultimate relaxation and extraordinary results.

Harlem Zen aims to provide result-driven solutions at affordable prices while at the same time giving their customers 5-star services. Their goal is to deliver 100% satisfaction to all their clients.  

Industry Explosion and an Ever-Increasing Demand

Statistics depict that global skin care market is expected to reach $180 billion by 2024.

Over the past 2 decades, the skin care industry has exploded as more and more people are investing in their beauty, health, and overall well-being. With new generations who’ve grown up taking a keen interest in their skin and an ever-aging population, this substantial market expansion will only continue to soar even in years to come. 

Harlem Zen is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the vast market potential. Their membership model, experienced staff, unrivaled services, diverse treatments, and proven results have attracted a dedicated following and created a foundation for a prosperous and successful future. 

Company Values

Excellence– They are always striving to provide nothing less than the very best.

Integrity– Harlem Zen is honest and open in everything they do and they always seek to do what’s right. 

Accountability– The company is accountable for the way their customers experience their services and products.

For more information on Harlem Zen Systems, visit the corporate site:


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